Oval Frames for Platers???

danny boy

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Dec 18, 2004
Oregon's Bay Area
OK... So I ordered these custom ovals from In Line Ovals, they look just great by the way. I am putting fine china platters in them and am curious about a way to attach them to the frame's. Any idea's???
Sure, why not, sounds like it would work. I would probably put a thick piece of glass in first and then the platter with a 1/4 inch plywood backing and then secure it in place. You might want to place a separater between the glass and the platter such as mat board or something to absorb shock.

Jack Cee
Thanks for the input, I feel better about forging ahead now...
Where is Oregon's Bay Area? My wife just bought a house in Brookings and I don't see many Bays in Southern Oregon. We will be spending our summers in Brookings and winters in Willows, California. I wonder if anyone needs a part time, summer framer in Brookings.

Jack Cee
Jack Cee

The Cities of North Bend and Coos Bay have pushed out to the seams and the lines cross in quite a few places. The area has been coined Oregon's Bay area. I am not sure if the cities will ever consolidate, it has been discussed quite a bit, but each side feels they will loose thier heritage and traditions. Taxes will change also. Kind of a hot topic here and best to stand back and give them room to vent.

If you make it up this way you are more than welcome to stop in and visit. Anytime...
danny boy
By the way...

The oval frames look great and the customer is simply twiterpated... ;) ;) ;)