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J Phipps TN

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Jul 14, 2004
Kingsport TN
I had a silhouette artist in the shop this past week-end and all was wonderful. I took in several to be framed and a few wanted an oval frame. No problem, except that the oval frame they wnat is out of stock at Decor untill January.

Do any of you carry oval frames like Decor or do you know of a good source.

I have already tryed "Inline ovals" and thiers are more then my customer wants to pay.

Any help would be appreciated,

I agree that In line Ovals is a great source but the frame we decided on was from Decor and it was only $10.95 my cost for an 8 x 10. In Lines was about $20.00 to $35.00. Which is still good but I have already quoted my customer the Decor price.

So that is what I'm needing. I hope some of you can help.


I think I understand........

I would tell the client that if they wish to have the 8x10 oval for the original quoted price, they will have to wait until January. Tell the client: "I checked with several other suppliers and the next best price was $YY.YY" With shipping charges and min order charges, all sources will exceed the $11 cost.

Save some greef, and have the customer decide on the merits of what you have to offer, frame A or frame B.
Presto frame has a large variety of oval frames. The frames are all solid wood. The gold and silvers are all hand leafed. The sizes range from 3X3 to 36X36 in circles and 2X3 to 30X40 in oval. Prices are similiar to Decor and we are well stocked. www.prestoframe.com or call Peter


Presto doesn't have a minimum order number, do you? I remember ordering one-ofs in ovals. Also don't you carry convex glass?

I thought so, actually trying to push a passive plug for your company! Jennifer they're great to work with.
Which Decor oval do you need? I stock several - maybe it would help to ask us if we have it 1st before looking for a substitute?
Be careful - I just got a 5x7 oval from Presto - $9 for the frame $9 shipping and $4.50 handling for small order. It was OK this time because I warned the customer and she agreed to pick up the S&H at cost because she wanted the frame.

Pat :D
Thank you Sue,

I just now got on the Grumble and saw your post. I just ordered from Inline Ovals. The had the closest profile. I paid way more then I wanted to.

The Frame I need is ov1680. Do you have it? And if you do, how much?

I will cancel my order if you do because my customer really wanted that one frame.


Reference your Presto Invoice.
The 5X7 solid wood oval was $7.90 not $9.00
Shipping per FedEx was $6.29 not $9.00
Packing charge under $50 $4.50

The costs for shipping a smaller order are always going to be higher relative to a larger order. I am glad that you forewarned your customer.