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Ornate Oval Frames

Canton Crew

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Sep 17, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
I have a customer looking for an ornate oval frame for a portrait that is being painted. I am already aware of Inline Ovals, and do use them, but this cust wants something more ornate (old style with the large carved "crowns" on top and bottom). Has anyone any recommendations? Thanks -

Canton Joe (pushing Canton Carolyn away from the console...respectfully, of course, but with resolve.)
May I suggest American Choice.

But if you they are looking for more ornate but in a Target sort of way.. not custom.. Decor is a place to start.
Thanks for the tips. The Decor frames are not ornate enough, though. Baer: Can you tell me more about American Choice? I can't find them with a google search.
This is Cornel's big moment, finally somebody suggests his product and what happens? He can't be found with a Google search? What's that all about Cornel? You have been primed and ready for this moment for years......

Joe, the website is www.american-choice.com

Can't get the URL to work for some reason.
Thanks for the address, Emibub. As for Cornel, buy a book called Search Engine Optimization for Dummies (no offense, I bought it) and read it thoroughly. Then take that info to the Google and MSN and Yahoo sites, and read their guidelines as well. You will be found.
I went to the American-choice.com site...beautiful pieces. I've ordered a catalog...are they as nice as they appear on the web site?
That little dash in my web site address is the source of all confusions.

thanks, but I told you to deliver that reply only in case I don't have enough orders for rectangular frames and ILO is booked up six months in advance... ;)

don't over do it, this is not the Big Bang event you make it to be. Every now and then younger grumblers would stumble (with short lived awe) over my web site :(

Canton Carolyn,
my web site is a working (as opposed to selling) tool especiially useful for those who are already doing business with me and know my product. It does not deserve to be all that prominent. Besides, nothing can be really hidden from the grumblers, not even my web site.

Julie, try and imagine what that site would look like with photos being taken by professional photographers. But those are my pictures and the site is my doing.

Julie-Tulie no, they aren't... they are nicer.

Canton, their work is beautiful... but if you were looking for 16C Italian, Trophy/mirror frames..

There are a few others but at 16x20 with wholesale running well north of $2,400.... I hesitate to recommend...
Baer: By all means recommend and never underestimate your customers' (or compatriots) pocket depth. Knowledge is the little blue pill of the mind - works wonders at any age, and you can't OD, you just get a little dizzy...

Canton Joe
American Choice's frames are drop-dead gorgeous. You will not have ever seen anything as exquisite anywhere else.

I had the honor of having a trunk show in my shop with Timis, Cornel's son, and their beautiful photo frames a few years back. Timis brought some of the ovals and I got to see (and feel) them. My customers are still talking about those frames.

These are the 'real thing.'

edie the iwantoneformyself goddess
Just have to put my 2 cents in here since nothing Baer says can be trusted(JK). In this case Baer is completely right. American choice frames are beautiful. They are appropriately priced for their quality as well....so I hope your customer wants one.
Brian..k, is (JK) a relative of yours? John..K?

Just to clear something up...

The pictures above are a company that I have no knowledge as to whether they are blown foam or hand-carved Lime wood...

They insist that they use 23K only... they insist that they are hand carved by craftsman in Italy... and they insist that they don't deal wholesale...

Go with Cornel at American Choice.
I got my catalog today from American Choice...they are absolutely amazing...to say the least!
Glad that you liked what you got, Julie. You are best advised to go to the 72 pages large American Choice website whenever in need to see what's what. For now A.C. catalogs and brochusres are less page-generous than the web site. And, yesss, both printed and electronic presentations are free while samples sell for 30% off their regular price.

Thanks for all the feedback, guys. After much searching and even a visit to the customer's house (OK, he lives across the street from me in mid-town Baltimore), he decided I was taking too long and bought a frame from a craft store that was nothing like what he had me looking for, and more like any one of the Inline Ovals that I'd showed him first time around. A pox on his family and friends...

Canton Joe
jeezo I read this topic hoping to see some punter getting his hand in his pocket and buying a quality frame.

what a kick in the kelvins that turned out to be.

some folk just rip yer knitting. :mad: