Orlando show?

Tommy P

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 16, 2003
Mid North Indiana
I read on another thread somewhere a mention of the Orlando show next February. It does not look like we will be available to attend the Sept Atlanta show like we wanted. I know it is early but does anyone know the "quality" of show or any particulars about the event???? Is there a PPFA etc. happening or ????
Any info would be appreciated....
PMA/PPFA annual convention is moving to Orlando from Las Vegas for the next 3 years.
Does that mean it is in connection with DecorExpo or is the PMA/PPFA a stand alone event?
Not affiliated with Decor Expo as far as I know.

If the last PMA/PPFA convention was any indicator the show will be well worth attending if for nothing else but the excellent educational opportunities. Many of the educators at the WCAF, ECAF and Decor Expos will be at PMA/PPFA.

Attendance by framing vendors would be speculative. That said, there has been an increase in the number and quality of framing vendors at the show since the affiliation began.

This last January I opted to go to the WCAF show instead of the PMA/PPFA in Las Vegas. I do not regret having made that choice, but the feed-back from the attendees to the PMA/PPFA convention the next month made me wish I could have attended both. Unfortunately, when it comes to attending trade shows my choices are "or" choices, not "and" choices.
This year the Decor Expo moved from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale and was rather small. Although I didn't go, a friendly competitor told me she saw the whole trade show in 32 minutes. Three years ago the trade show moved from the Orange co. Convention center to a hotel by the basketball stadium. Never could have found it on my own, either. Over the last 5 years the Orlando offering has probably shrunk by 75%. The Reps I have talked to say it is not profitable and I have been dissappointed in the change.

It is a two hour drive for me and has been the only show I have attended regularly over the last 9 years.

This year we went to the NY show and had a good experience, and got to stay with the kids in CT as well. Just can't do that every year....

It would be nice to try a PMA/PPFA just for the change of vendors.