Original Cost of 10-yr-old mat cutter


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Nov 21, 2005
Carson City, Nevada
I'm still battling with the insurance company over my flood claim. My C&H 60" mat cutter base got wet and is ruined. Insurance co. wants original cost, but as it's 10+ years old, most likely much older, the previous owner doesn't remember, and our C&H rep has no idea and says there's no archive record.

The model is CHN 6000-A, it has the brass block and springs on the blade holders.

They also want the replacement cost ("how much a new one would be"). That, I can provide, but they're not gonna like it!

Help! Any of you old-timers remember how much you paid for one of these, approximately? They won't process my claim until I can provide something, and I'm at a roadblock. Can't even find one that old on ebay. I've been using my little 32" (toy) Logan table-top. It works, but I need a grown-up mat cutter! My other old C&H 48" is worn out and unuseable too.

They want a letter listing all attempts I've made to find this info. ARGH!
I think when we replaced our 27 yr old 48", we were supprised to find the cost had only gone up by about 100%... 10years was only the mid 1990s... for for about 20% less than the new replacement.

But C&H themselves should have some kind of record of selling prices for certain years or decades.
I think machines like that have not changed in price very much. Ten years ago, they were the state-of-the-art. Today CMCs have knocked them back to entry-level status as framing machines go. Demand has probably dropped considerably.

As I recall, a decade ago the price of a fully-equipped C&H 60" machine from L-J was about $1600, plus shipping. That's from my overworked memory, so it could be a couple hundred dollars higher or lower.
That machine must be older than 10 years, I bought a C&H Advantage in 1991 or thereabouts for about $1600 and that is after the model changes had taken place from the type that you describe.

Hi Val. I just retired (or semi retired to my garage for jobs bigger than my 40 x 60 Eclipse) a C&H 60". In my gallery records, I have an invoice from 1994 showing $816.50. I also have a May 1996 Show special flyer showing regular price at $1295 and sale price of $895.

The invoice is on thermal paper and quite faded. I might be able to get a decent enhanced scan of it if your ins. co. needs to see it.

Hope this helps.
It's way older than 10 years old. Seems like I had one similar to it in the mid-late 80's. Don't know what I was thinking...probably the other C&H useless one.
Can't reach my C&H rep...anyone have a ph# to C&H themselves so I can check out Baer's suggestion??
I found 2 old sale flyers here from when we used to distribute C&H 60" cutters. (it pays not to throw anything away) One is from 1987 for $749.00 and one is from 1999 for $994.00. I can send you a letter to give the insurance comapny, listing the replacement value if that helps.

Good luck.

Try (800) 631-5414, ext. 3243. If this is still a good number, it will connect you to Mr. Gritsko Johnklein. This guy knows more about C+H matcutters than anyone else on the planet.
:cool: Rick
Thanks guys! That's a huge help! I'll try Mr. Johnklein's #.

Adam, that would certainly help! I would appreciate that letter, could you fax it to me? (775) 883-3782.

Again, progress happening here, thanks once again to The Grumble!
Rick, you're right, Mr. Johnklein does know more about C&H mat cutters than anyone on the planet! He's putting a letter together for me for the insurance company. Apparently, mine was made prior to 1985.(Man, I was waaay off!)

Thanks everyone, we're finally on our way!

Now if we can just get the chopper and the v-nailer to cooperate (everything's on strike today!), we'll be up and running properly!
We bought a signature, same as, in 1993 was $1100. I think our first, which was one of the first C&H was more than $600 and that was in the 70's.
Wow, $800 new in 1985, $1700 to replace the equivelant model 23 years later. This will be interrrresting to see which way the insurance company goes. Anyone want to venture a guess?
Richard, sorry, I missed your earlier post. Since the rod on my cutter is chrome, Mr. Klein said that model was made in 1985 or earlier, they were black after that. So, I guess copies for invoices after that won't help much. But thanks, and to you too, Adam, for your kind offers. I have a feeling this is going to be like pulling teeth.

Has anyone else had experience trying to put in an insurance claim for an older-model mat cutter like this? Wha' happened? Just curious.

Insurance is either replacement cost or actual cash value - neither is directly related to original cost. Either get the new one or research what the old ones are selling for.

I think?

Pat :D
Pat, I agree, but the claims guy apparently doesn't. I have no intention of buying another 25-yr old mat cutter, and not finding what they would sell for now anyway, no-one's selling them, if any are even still left. I told the claims guy that. So he said to submit what the original cost was and what would it cost to buy one of that model today. That's what I'm submitting. What I'll actually get remains to be seen.