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Orders of Christmas Past


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Apr 29, 2002
Corrales, New Mexico
Just remembering a couple of cool Christmas orders.

A fellow came in with a poster of a Degas ballerina. He said it was for his 12 year old daughter, who was really getting serious about ballet, and had jokingly asked for a Degas painting for Christmas. So, he was going to at least get her a nicely framed print.

I looked it over, and suggested that I texturize it, and put it in a nice gold frame as if it really were a painting. He was dubious, but I talked him into it. I used my line, "Trust me, I'm a professional!" (people laugh for some reason when I say that...) I took it home and put extra time into it. After all, this was a very special order.

When he came to pick it up, he remarked that it looked much more convincing than he thought it would be, and he was glad I had persuaded him.

I didn't see him again until March, when he brought some more things in to be framed. I asked him how his daughter liked her present. He grinned real big and told me. "She gasped when she opened it. Then she said I was the best Dad!"

You have found the secret to making a man a lifelong customer. Make him the best Dad in the whole world in his daughter eyes.

My other choice to make him a life long customer is to always have beer on tap!!