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Optium Acrylic & Optium Museum Acrylic

W.D Quinn Saw Co. - US Made Picture Frame Blades


WOW Framer
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Apr 5, 2008
Washington State
Is the only difference between Optium Acrylic and Optium Museum Acrylic that the latter deflects 6% more UV light? Do they look and act exactly the same, except for that? Here's a blurb I was sent:

Optium Museum Acrylic 99% UV Protections

*99% Conservation Grade UV protection
*Abrasion resistant
*Half the weight of glass
*Ideal for large works of art

Optium Acrylic 93% UV Protection Includes all the features of Optium Museum Acrylic above


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Sep 1, 2000
Jacksonville Beach, FL USA
Sunshine Frames
Yep, the difference, besides the price (which is really miniscule at that point which is why I don't offer anything but the Museum Optium) , is the % of frequency of UV filtered. Not all UV is evil, or some is eviler than others, depends on the use. Checking which frequencies are filtered against which do the most damage tells the tale a bit better. Then again, frequencies of light outside the UV spectrum also cause problems.
Putting a piece of art in a frame is a compromise to its preservation. Making choices about limiting damage is up to an informed client with their framer. There is no single solution. There are best guesses. Too many variables to lock down an answer. Everything is the best we know now. Word form those in the upper echelon of conservation is that routine maintenance is the best preservation regardless the technology.
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