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Oct 31, 1999
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I would love to have opinions pro and con on this...

You have to give us more than that. What part of the picture do you want critiqued? Did you frame it, paint it, both? Is it an oil painting, poster?
Just a plain ol' print.
Comments about the frame.
Come on! Tell us about it! Is there glass on it? Is it yours or did you frame it for a client?

What's up with that blue wall?
Nice kitty.

The frame is OK. It's plain though. Did you handcraft it? I think I'm missing something by not being able to see it up close. It looks like it nicely finished. I bet it has a glow. What kind of wood? Is it the kind of wood we wouldn't find around here?

I'd like to see mats on this picture and a more interesting frame, I guess. Or same frame, just with some matting to give the picture some space. Or same frame stacked with a frame enhancer or fillet. I like lots of visual textures.

Thanks for posting it.

The top frame is Ramin, arcylic finish (brown over bright yellow and washed back). Few coats of lacquer on that.
The base frame (4x1) is marble paste and arcrylic paint, not fully mixed and applied with a pallet knife (#3).
It is glazed with a wee spacer.
Matboards simply made this image feel "commercial" and looked rather boring IMHO.
Okay - I get it now. it wasn't clear in the first photo that the blue element was part of the frame.

I agree with Jana. That majestic critter needs a more massive frame. In the photo, the blue marble and the ramin frame are too different to work together visually. But it's soooo hard to tell from a photo. I suspect that in real life, the blue marble echoes the shadows on the snow.

I think the picture squeezes the kitties in. They need some space to feel free. I am definiely for mats, not only so they don't touch the glass, but so they don't look so crowded.

I like to feel texture, so I would make the mats cold and snowy, and give them space.

To me it looks kind of backwards. Like the blue is supposed to serve as a mat and the frame is on the inside.

But, My 9 year old daughter saw it and said it was very good. That is a compliment coming from her. She is one of my worst critics and has a pretty good eye for art.

One of the artists we frame for came in with his abstracts, I had no idea what they were supposed to be and she came in the room and started pointing out things. He was impressed with her ability to see the things most of us can't.

Pictures usually don't do the project justice, so it must be good. ;)