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I have been using Opera 5 for a couple of months now and am very happy with it so far.
I only have a dial up connection, (there's nothing else available thats affordable) and Opera loads web pages much faster than IE5. It also doesn't construct two dozen folders in 'Temporary Internet Files' with identical information in them.
It also goes immediately to the previous page when you hit the 'back' button.
Has anyone else tried Opera 5?
osgood I have Opera 5 and I use it often. You're right it is very fast and very stable; which is more than I can say for Netscape 4.7+ which has been my main browser for years. The Netscape browers have really been poor performers for me for some time now.

I am thinking of moving my e-mail functions from Netscape to Opera. I read somewhere that their e-mail is based on Eudora or something
similiar. I've always been a big fan of Netscape and it's hard to give it up.

I really recommmend trying Opera.