Open letter from Hester Ford

Bob Carter

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Jun 16, 2000
Hester Ford asked me to forward this letter to the Grumble and Hitchhiker. It is self explanatory

Oct. 31, 2004

To our fellow framers and suppliers, near and far, concerning Thomas Ford, manager of our framing department here at Posters Mostly in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It's been six months since Thomas Ford, his wife, and two children were driving home from a family birthday party and were struck by a drunk driver. As you are aware, his wife, Wendy was killed and his ten-year-old daughter, Haley, died three weeks later as a result of her injuries. Thomas was released from the trauma ward five weeks later and is presently going through the very slow process of recovery. Although his eyes have yet to focus and he is still in constant physical pain, he is able to work a few hours a day at the store. As you may have learned, his eight-year-old son, Patrick, survived the accident without serious injury.

The generosity of framers and suppliers from not only here in the United States, but from around the world, has been literally overwhelming. The checks we've received and the outpouring of sympathy has brought home to all of us here at Posters Mostly what a close family we all are. We can't thank all of you enough.

Our prayerful thanks to all of you.

Hester N. Ford,
Posters Mostly

As a side note,we started this fund raiser at the behest of one of my employees, Morgan DiNovo, and were able to collect over $40,000 in direct contributions and untold amounts of generosity from several vendors. I, too, want to thank those many people that helped out on this truly worthy effort.

Not to pick on our friends at the Hitchhikers, but the overwhelming majority of contributions came from Grumblers. You all did real good and should be vey proud of yourselves
Bob, thank you for the update. I think most of us have made the Fords part of our own families, and we appreciate hearing of their progress. Please let them know we wish them well.

Thanks for the update Bob. Another great example of the power of the Grumple and the family who lives here.