Open good friday?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Wondering if anyone will be closed for good friday.

I'm on the fence.

This week has been just ok and with easter and passover I was thinking of taking a day to just be a Dad with my 2 year old, this time next year we will have a six month old as well and thought it could be a good Daddy day.

Do any of you do any business on good friday?
Take the day off _ I'm closed FRI to Mon
This week has been on the lean side, but I'm keeping regular hours just the same.

I'm holding out for that big sale to save the week!!!!

We'll be open regular retail hours, but may leave an hour early - if its dead.

I will be open. But then again, I will be spending Thursday with my three little angels so I will need to come to the soothing sounds of the store on Friday.....

Spend the time with your kids. We tend to take them for granted and suddenly they are not kids any more.....

Have a nice day DAD.
I'll be open regular hours.
I have had business this week and am actually having a small show in the gallery on Saturday.

That being said...if your business is slow and you want to spend some time with your family...well, why not?
Good Friday is typically quiet for me. I'm fortunate enough to have employees to cover the time so I don't have to be here. If they didn't want to work, though, I wouldn't have any qualms about closing for the day. If you're planning to open Saturday anyway for last-minute pickups before the holiday, than by all means take a Daddy day. You'll NEVER regret spending extra time with your children.
I will be here Good Friday - have an appt for a customer to come in - since she has the day off. If it is pokey, I may just close a little early. Here Sat. normal hours but it will probably be quiet but You Never Know!! Closed Sundays always.

Even though it is slow, I have some pickups where the customers may / may not show up this week.

So, will stay open & normal hours except for Sunday, closed as usual.
Closing early on Saturday. I don't open on Sundays anyway.

Next year though, I think I'll close for the week prior to Easter - as long as it is once again my son's spring break from school. He's come in with me all week. By then I'll be established enough to feel comfortable leaving a sign up that says "Back in a Week" or I'll have an employee.
Open Fri & Sat. We'd probably do well on the Monday but two consecutive days off together too much to resist. As is half price Easter eggs in the shop a few doors down on Sat!
We'll be open Friday and Saturday, regular hours, or until I can't stand up anymore. Had to close early a couple of days this week, because of that, no-one squawked. Maybe close early those two days also, will see.
Happy Easter, Bunnies!
Just a question being asked here...don't read into any of this more than what it is?
Framing..what Holiday do we have as framers to celebrate? I am next door to a flower shop and you know that they will be busy, So will the candy shops. Mothers day is the same way as is fathers day, and graduation.
I for one can't think of any reason why anyone would want to buy a painting or have some framing done on this particular christian holiday? I don't sell any religios icons.
It's not the norm, I know, but I framed the 14 stations of the cross this year for a church. They needed them for Good Friday. And of course, there'll probably be photos to be framed after Easter. Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, weddings - a few here, a few there; it all adds up!

Actually, I prefer to scatter it out throughout the year! Getting swamped at Christmas is enough!
Closed Friday through Monday, but I'm usually closed Monday's. I'll be in church Friday afternoon......That's the reason for the day, isn't it??. Haven't missed a Good Friday ever.
I will never open Sunday's, for the same reason.

Not trying to sound pious, just that's what I believe.
I'm with you Sarah! When I first opened my shop, I use to stay open on Good Friday. I always felt convicted and I was never busy.

I decided a few years ago to just go with my heart and close. I spend this time with the family God has so graciously blessed me with.

I am looking forward to the rest! Also, I have trusted the Lord with my business all these years, And I will with this also.

I'll close by noon on Good Friday, but be open on Saturday as usual. Even though I've been on my knees most of the week mopping up, I think Good Friday is a time for reflection and prayer.

Dave Makielski
I'm glad I did stay open all day on Good Friday. Best day I've had in 3 weeks! Go figure!
Geeze Paul, what time do you open? You have a customer waiting at your door with a big order??
I hope the rest of your day will be as good, and mine as well, headed there now.
Oh, yeah, I just realized the time difference, it's only 10a.m. here....still...!!

........Good for you!!

Saturday I open at 9:30.

Yesterday, Good Friday, it was quiet like a cometary (how appropriate), so I close one hour early to pick up a prescription and all he11 breaks loose! 2 customers left messages they were planning to come...will come today instead.
yea yesterday (good Friday) was our best day in weeks, too. We closed 2 hours early.

Today has been decent as well.
On Thursday we had completed orders for collection today. Next batch was for Tuesday - about 12 frames - 4 were needlework, I stretched them ready and we made other inroads into them.

Yesterday, just me and Pat, was fairly quiet, about 25 through the till. Did all but three of Tuesdays jobs.

Today - again just the two of us - we thought would be quiet too, but it wasn't, it was normal -85 through the till, more than usual through the door though.

But I got the last 3 jobs done - JUST - plus cut an oval mat while-U-wait, cut a mat and fitted it and a poster into one of our own ready mades - also replaced 14 mats with backings that we had cut the wrong size!

I would escape to the workshop, measure a mat - RING RING - deal with customer - return to workshop, find moulding, set morso RING RING - deal with customer - workshop, cut 2 sides - RING RING - 2 framing orders - workshop - cut other 2 sides, glue ends, set underpinner RING RING ...... etc.

The workshop is up a 'Z' shaped corridor - couple of steps; in the past when it has got like this I have, apparently, appeared with a Basil Fawlty smile/grimace, so, at the bottom of the vertical of the 'Z' we have installed a mirror. Up until then I am stomping along, muttering under my breath, then I transform so's I appear something like normal (see profile - best I can do!)
Yep, open, crazee busy, started at 3:00am this morning to finish a rush "today certain" shadowbox (military jacket + load of related memorabilia, all complex mounts, birthday prezzie for her dad) ... phew, got it done before opening time, called the client, no answer, left message, still waiting, wonder if we will see her today?

Finished another "must have today order" (for a silent auction tonight) ... same routine.

Now tired and vegging out on internet, can't bring myself to tackle two Navajo rugs, or an antique frame repair, they'll just have to wait till Monday, happy Easter y'all.

Yeeehah ... they picked up the jacket ... and were emotionally ecstatic ... tears 'n' all ... doncha love it when they love it like that! ... made the 3am start worthwhile!
Yesterday (Saturday) was pretty slow all day. Really bad wind!! (Yeah, here in Nevada, once the wind stopped and 500 people fell over!) Judy and I did some rearranging and moulding wall work and mat sample work, and I did a lot of sit-down stuff. We decided to close up an hour early. Easter Eve, y'know.
Just as we started to go, someone came in with an order. Then another one. Then another one!
Another "best day we've had in a long time", in the last 40 minutes of the day!
Sometimes I just can't figure people out. Never will!