OP-3 Acrylic

Jean McLean

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Feb 25, 2001
Millinocket, ME, USA
I have never used OP-3 Acrylic before. Does it block the UV rays such as conservation glass? Does Don Mar carry it? For you new viewers....I am framing an antique map on canvas and want to protect it from fading. The customer wants to see both sides of the map. See previous post for more information.

Jean McLean
Memories Of Maine Gallery
Cyro Acrylite OP-3 blocks 98% of the UV (as opposed to 97% blocked by Tru-Vue Conservation Clear.)

Unlike glass, there is no green tint. It will scratch, but only if you scratch it. If you are really concerned about that, there is an AR version (which stands for Abrasion Resistant) that is extremely difficult to scratch and can be cleaned with anything.

Larson-Juhl carries the OP-3, but not the AR, in our market. If you can't find it from your area framing vendors, check with large plastics distributors.

You don't want to have this stuff shipped, as it comes in 4'x8' sheets.

If you happen to have a Fletcher 3000 or 3100 wall cutter, it cuts the Acrylite very nicely.

Here is a link to the Cyro website that will give you more information and may help you find a distributor.

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I got Cyro AR OP3 from Lois Bauby at Superior Acrylic. The price was right and the service was "superior".

The regular Cyro distributors have no clue about the framing applications, nor could they care less.