One up for Wizard

B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
I just read in the Southeastern Framer in Manufacturers News that "Wizard International and Jay Goltz founder of FramerSelect, are excited to announce the March 2002 release of the custom framing industry's first marketing and merchandising guide, exclusively designed for Wizard CMC users" It goes on to tell about the development of the reference guide (written by Goltz, of course) filled with marketing techniques and strategies... How to sell better designs, attract more customers, and incorporate pricing strategies that provide a good value to the customer, while maximizing professionalism and profitability.

Oooh, can't wait for this one!


Thank you for the nice post. The power of The Grumble is at work, you post, our phone rings.

Jay's Marketing and Merchandising guide will be available after March 15th. All new customers will receive the guide when their machine arrives. Existing customers will have to pay $500 for the guide (Just kidding :D ). The guide will be available (for free) to download from our web site for our existing customers only (hopefully by March 15th as well). Customers will need to enter their Customer Code in order to download the guide. Only one copy per customer (actually per machine) will be allowed.

We believe this is a key element that has been missing for our customers. Our User Guide teaches our customers how the Wizard works, this guide will show them how to make more money with their Wizard. Jay has done an outstanding job on this guide and we are very proud that he agreed to work with us on this project.

Thank you again for the nice words.
Oh YUCK! Ya mean I can't have one???
The promo said "free for current and future customers" I thought that meant if I was gonna do it in the future I could have one.

Man.... (Hmmm, let's see, if I......)

I will have one someday...

C'mon, Wiz... let her have one. She did do the Grumble legwork for you :D :D I hate to see a grumbler cry!! It gets my screen all wet
Under threats of loss of limb, I had to promise we wouldn't let the Guide out of the "Wizard Family".

Having said that, I might consider adopting her.

I would have to warn Betty though, having the Guide might be like collecting brochures from exotic destinations without a means of traveling.

Originally posted by WizardEdd:
I would have to warn Betty though, having the Guide might be like collecting brochures from exotic destinations without a means of traveling.

I'm not much of an "exotic destinations" person (love these Southern Mountains too much) but tools and gadgets, ah, that's something else all together! I have tool catalogs all over the house and shop. I'll just do what I do with them... I keep a "drool rag" close by. :D

(And if ya adopt me, I don't eat much, hate to shop for new clothes, and only own 3 pair of shoes!)Can I huh, can I huh, can I huh???????? Pleeeeeeese!!!!

Now, after all that, let me say seriously, I wouldn't ask you to do that. I misunderstood the promo in the magazine. And I know you all can't just give these things away to everybody. As much as I'd love to have it, I appreciate the offer, but it's not necessary.
Thanks anyway.
This sounds like a great marketing tool that I know I can use. The Wizard is capable of doing so much, but I have to sell the designs first, and that is where I need help. Sure hope I don't forget about downloading the program when it becomes available. Maybe I can add another post-it to my computer monitor and just maybe I will read it!
Not to worry. As the guide becomes available, there will be notices on your monthly statement and information in our Newsletter.
Being that you are a tried and true member of the KY/TN chapter of the PPFA and will be on the conference call tonight and agree to whatever your president wishes..........

I'll let you read MY guide, For MY Wizard and if you come to the trade show in May I may even let you play with mine!
Originally posted by jvandy57:
agree to whatever your president wishes..........

Gee, I dunno about that. Let's see, how bad do I want to see one....

How about the vice president... He's got a wizard too ya know... And the milage is a lot less.