One more time..Now it's the C&H 6000......


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Jan 11, 2003
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Well folks, I don't think that the 8448 Fletcher is going to make the cut !!! But a friend of mine
just called and told me about a used C&H 6000..I went over and look at it..appears to have been really used and seems like the sliding head needs some parts, glides, etc replaced...but I think I can buy it for near nothing...So you folks who have experience with this model please chime in here and let me know what I am up against with this model ......I promise my search will end with this one !!! Lastly, I could not find a website to order replacement parts for this model....Somebodys gotta know !!!
J. Michael
You get what you pay for. When I bought my shop in 95 it came with an older C&H and after a while, just couldn't keep up. If you can't find replacement parts now, what will you do when the going gets tough and you can't keep up quality work?
I don't know if I'm familiar with that model or not. I don't think my C&H had a model number - it was just called the C&H, and, by the time I was done with it, I was happy to see it go out the door for $70 or so.

I would contend that the mat cutter is absolutely the LAST place you want to try and save money, though I understand we all want to save money anywhere we can.

For the first six months, I cut all my mats on an Alto EZMat, which is still stashed away in my basement somewhere for eventual inclusion in the Picture Framers' Hall-of-Fame.

My preference, if a $1200 mat cutter is simply not in the stars at this time, would be to buy a NEW, low-end Logan or similar and figure on replacing it in a year.

Used matcutters normally seem to have moved beyond their useful lives before anybody wants to replace them.
I apologize for not being clear in the header of this was ongoing from the Fletcher 8448 thread....the C&H 6000 is a wall mount glass cutter not a mat cutter.....Soooooo.......
Be very cautious before you purchase the C & H Glass and Card cutter, new or used. The only good thing I can say about them is they use a Fletcher SU-01 glass cutting wheel. C & H (Neilsen/Bainbridge) should give up on glass and card cutters.


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C&H 6000 is a wall mount glass cutter not a mat cutter

I had one of those, too. As soon as I moved into a place that had a decent ceiling height, I traded my C&H wall cutter for a few rolls of film and bought a Fletcher 3000.
Well gang, I went back over and looked at this
C&H 6000 wall mount glass cutter again....I really do not know much about these, but I do know junk when I see it !!!
It is "No Where" near the quality built piece of equipment that the Fletcher 3000 is ....So, I guess I will wait until I can find a used Fletcher for sale....Anyone out there know where a "Starving Framer" could find one affordable !!!
Thanks to all of you for your wisdom/input on this.........
J. Michael
I have some wise/input on this for ya, JM.

There is a custom framer in FWB who would be happy to cut ALL your mats and glass for you for a reasonable price! He's one helluva nice guy in the bargain too!

Delivery is optional and you should figure charges on delivery by SLE* plus return to FWB in any of your orders.


* Shoe Leather Express

You know about the range of my only motorized mode of transportation. That would get your order to the FWB city limits freight free to you!
You could also check out the SBA... Small Business Administration. They have programs where you can get a small business loan for equipment and repay it over a year or two. My opinion is to have the best equipment you can get. It will ALWAYS repay for itself in improved output of work and better quality of work as well. Even if you just get one piece at a time, you will definitely see an improvement in your work as well as an increase in your bottom line. ;) ;) :D