One grand Child down and One on the way.


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I am posting this here after posting it in the business segment by mistake even though I was given a heads up about makeing the same mistake previously.

Besides I would rather it be posted here since i think more will see it here than there. And I want everyone to see it.

I only hope the other can be removed or
relocated.I am sorry for the error.

This is my son Bubba and his wife Bambi's birthe announcement and pictures .

Bella Angelina Drago
Born on Friday, March 31, 2006
at 12:48 PM ET
7 pounds 3 ounces
21 inches

Please see our pictures on the web at:

Jana; Two as of TODAY( LOL) .Olivia Isabellea Moreno in Corpus who is just over 2 and now Bella angelina Drago in Orange Park who days old.

But Gina ( Olivia's mom is due as we speak ( depending upon who you speak to and when???) And at present she is expected to give birth to Olivia's brother who will be named Drago Antonio Moreno.

There are a few who have problem looking at Gina beliveing she isn't having twins or even more.But her Ob-Gyn has only done the one Ultra -sound that said ONE BOY but that was back in DECEMBER.
And none have been done since ,even after the fall.Can you detect a bit of irratation with this Dr.?
Absolutely gorgeous Buddy...keep us posted on GIna