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CMAC has been writing software for the framing industry for over 20 years at the wholesale distribution level. Just a quick question on how many currently use or would use an electronic on-line order entry program? Do any of the people of this forum use any of the on-line services available in this industry such as LJ Direct or any others? We're always looking into ways to help bring technology to the industry and make it useful for the framer. Do you see advantages to on-line ordering? What are they? If you DONT use those available, why not? What features would cause you to consider using an on-line system for ordering?

Thanks for your responses to this post, hopefully I've put it in the right forum, not technically a software issue, just a general question.
sprinter, I don't know if this is an example of what you are asking, but I have used United's on-line ordering several times. It's easier, to me, because I find the items in the catalog, search for the item # on their site, add to shopping cart, and, when complete, send it. I get an email very quickly, listing all items ordered, cost, etc. This is very handy, as I can fix any omissions, add items, and so on, without having already mailed the order in.

We have all the stuff necessary for LJ direct, but, frankly, haven't had time to go through it and try it yet. I'm sure we will use it, because we work at least one day every weekend, and it would, on occasion, be handy to be able to order that last-minute item from home.

My reasons for using online ordering are the things that United does to idiot-proof the process. I am a certified idiot, and it helps greatly.

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I've used Larson Juhl Direct online ordering, and I love it. It eliminates any chance of a CSR misunderstanding me or of me misunderstanding the CSR, it tells me right away what items are out of stock, gives me an estimated total for the order, and on and on. But here's what I like best: At the end of a typically busy Saturday, I can order everything I need for orders taken since my last delivery. Then when I go in for a busy Monday, I don't have to worry about it or find myself so busy that I haven't had a chance to place the order before the deadline. On top of that it gives me a hard copy of my order, with order number, which is very handy if there is ever a problem.

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I'm not totally worthless. I can always be used as a bad example... Woodchuck