Omni 3200

Lori Drugan

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 8, 2004
Fairlawn, OH
I have a question for anyone out there who uses the Omni 3200. I have one that I have been leasing for the last 5 years with little to no problems. Now that my lease is over with I have some options 1) buy it for $160 2)warranty per month $18 + tax. Has anyone bought their machine and had any real breakdowns? I'm afraid I'm going to buy the thing and considering the disposable society we live in it's going to self destruct on me.

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Now that you have more than already paid for the credit card terminal that you have have used for the last 5 years, the cheapest out would be to buy it for the $160. That is about the same as you can buy one for in Ebay. But it is already programmed and operating as well as you know it works.

These machines either work or don't work, repairing such a machine generally involves replacing with another used unit so a "service contract"(waranty for $18 per month) is only money in the pockets of the company you are dealing with.
I bought mine new a couple of years back for about $300.00 including a 5 year extended warranty. Works out to about $5.00/mo. if it should die outside of warranty.

Good machine, no real problems with it.

Got it from a web site that John R. suggested.
If it's 5 years old, it may make sense to buy a new one and give it back to them. They go for ~$126 new on Ebay, and include a multi year warrantee. Then again, it may be a hassle to do so.

There is also a newer Omni 3200SE and a new Omni 3750, if looking for the new features. (smart card reader, atm pin pad, custom gift certificate cards, etc)

Hypercom and Lipman have some decent models too. is a decent place to do some research, and Ebay will usually have the best prices. Just make sure that youre not locked into changing to a different merchant if you buy from Ebay. (read the small print)

Please, if you remember, can I have the site John R. suggested. I think considering my situation,I'm better off to buy this for $160,and when or if it dies, take the route you did. It burns me up that my rep from the bank was more interested in making a huge commision off me than steering me towards a good financial decision

I'll have to chalk this up to experience.

I did a Google search for the 3200 and there's a lot to choose from. This site had refurbished machines for $199.00 and a 5 year waranty for $50.00.

When I bought mine, I called my processor (also my bank) to see if they were selling the machine. Sure...$600.00 cash or $45.00/mo/36 mos. then I owned it. How generous of them.

They did offer to program any machine for free. Other processors asked for a set-up and programming fee.
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You gave me some great information, and saved me a lot of agravation. Now I feel like I can make an informed decision. I have paid them $1500 over the last 5 yrs and they still think I should buy it out for $160. What a crock
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