Omega Moulding, any thoughts?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hi all,

Yes I did a search and it didn't answer what I am looking for so here it goes...

I am looking for a lower cost moulding supplier to replace Bendix on my walls. I currently have a good selection of middle to high end companies but am looking for something for the bargain hunters.

Bendix let me down so many times in the last few weeks I pulled most all their samples down and am now looking for a decent replacement.

Omega was mentioned in a few posts in the same threads with them so I was wondering does anyone have anything good or bad to say about them. Customer service as well as a fair quality in relation to the price is important to me. Like I said I am looking for a somewhat "lower" end to show the price conscious shopper.

Fire away Grumblers, I value your opinions.
Funny, when I saw the topic title, I was going to compare Omega with Bendix.

Both have probably changed in the 18 years since I've bought from them (Lord knows I have) but the lines were comparable at the time.

Bendix always had the monthly (or quarterly) specials on the bread-and-butter length mouldings. I never bought any chop from either one.

The fact that both companies still exist is perhaps a good sign. Hardly any of the companies I bought from then are around any more.

That was pretty much no help at all, wasn't it?
I order from OMEGA at least once a week (chops and lengths).

I have had absolutely no problems with their service or quality. I believe their quality / price ratio is excellent.
We tried Omega for a while, but just couldn't make it work. They have a deep line of impressive looking mouldings, and our sales rep was a real go getter. The price per foot was low, but each time we ordered we were hit with break bundle, handling, and shipping fees which in some cases made the shipping more expensive than the frame we were ordering.
Their customer service people were friendly enough, but it was a hassle to keep up with returns and credits. End result, we dropped the line.
If I could get a weekly delivery from them coupled with a little more straight forward return policy they would be ideal.
I've dealt with them very little which is likly more their fault than mine.

I carry their moulding via a local vendor. They were out and so I ordered a chop from Omega. It was about 30% higher than even the vendor so chops are certainly not an option.

I got the chop very quickly and was happy overall.

A few days later they sent me a catalog and just went ahead and billed my credit card $30 for that catalog. I called and they actually sent me a prepaid sticker to mail the catalog back and said they would credit my account after I sent it back. I take that as a sign that they didn't want to do business with me. I mailed it back and after another 5 phone calls my account was credited $25. After another 2 calls I got the remaing $5 back.

They did send me a catalog for their gallery frames. I ordered 2 on a friday and got them on monday. They look great and I'm happy, but I'm watching my account close.

Good luck. I'm sure you already know this but you might look at Decor and International as well.
I love Omega mouldings and buy lenth at a discount when my rep comes by. I like the moulding and so far, no suprise charges. I haven't tryed thier chop service yet. My rep too, is a go getter.

I do love Decor and the cheap moulding they sell. Great bread and butter lines and my rep is a great guy. But you do have to buy alot to get a good deal but if you don't I haven't had a alot of problems.

If you're going to Atlanta, check out their booth. They always have great specials there. (So does Decor) I like Omega but only for length moulding (just like Bendix). Freight on chops and chop prices are really ridiculous.

Hi ALL! If you are looking for durable cost effectives materials JJ Moulding is along the lines of Decor and Omega. We just started a new chop and length program and are offering free corner samples of our entire chop and length line. ( ohh and our catalogs are free
Never had a problem with Omega.
Order chops all the time. I do wish sometimes they were a tad cheaper on some but that seems to be a common thing across all companies.

Never had a problem with customer service. I too got charged for the catalog but received a credit equal to the catalog on my first order so it was basically free. They are great too about samples. I just ask for a few with each order and I have never been charged.

Chop quality is on par with Roma etc. I say 9 out of 10. Sometimes a TAD and I mean a tad off of the perfect corners but still no problems at all. Only 10 I have ever found would be Vermont Hardwoods but 95% of Omega chops require no filler etc.

I have also ordered joins on rare occasion for odd mouldings / strang profiles that I do not even want to attempt to join. The joined frames have always been flawless and it is evident care is taken to make corners match, etc.

Overall most of my orders are Omega and I highly recommend them!
We have carried their line for a couple of years and they really have a great product line/price.

They fill that all too important middle part of our business and i would encourage anybody to look at their plastics offering. Get past the idea that it plastic and use effectively where price might be an issue. It is easily the biggest bang for the buck on our wall
I second Bob's post. They have vastly upgraded their styles, too. We also sell their Gallery Frames (closed corner, gold and silver). We get our moulding freight-free from a local vendor. Check and see if there is a distributor in your area.
This is really interesting to me.

Ask for an opinion on ANYTHING here and you'll get the full range of responses. Individual experiences with almost any product or vendor or process are all over the map.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't ask for opinions, or give them. The only problem seems to arise when we assign too much weight to them or feel compelled to defend our opinions to the death. ("What do you mean you won't use Attach-EZ? What is the MATTER with you?")
Ron, in a previous life I spent a few years as a "human factors engineer" primarily focused on human-computer interfaces.

One of the things we discovered was --- If there are two ways to do something, half the testers will like one way and half the other. The only time you could get a larger percentage favoring one option was if you had 3 or more.

I suspect a similar principal is in play here. Every vendor chooses certain practices and procedures. Usually choosing between a couple of ways to do something which makes half the people happy and half the people unhappy!
I love the Omega lines I carry. I'm a little puzzled at the costs mentioned on chops and shipping. I don't think I'm dreaming, but you get 25% off chop orders over a certain amount and free shipping. Maybe I just always order the bigger, more expensive mouldings to meet those minimums, but I love the company.