Omar vicqual,Lance armstronge, prints,poster


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jun 4, 2004
Well I cant find the framer in search on the grumble that helped me out with a over sized mat cutting it on my 48in. Fetcher,
(Without having to dissembling it). Worked great. I thought I would have to hand cut with my old college day Dexter. Thanks grumblers. This is the one of best resources for me. So back to work I go .I need help locating some prints. Dose any one have a poster (not a photo) of Lance Armstrong signed by him? Also a self-portrait of Omar Vicqual signed and numbered. Thanks you, Kim
Trek bicycles has made a poster of Lance after his last couple of victories in the Td'F. I usually end up framing a few 'cause the local Trek shop is next door. I've never seen one signed though (not a real sig at any rate).
The only autographs I have seen is on the certificate of authenticity you get when you buy one of the $10K Trek road bikes with Armstrong's name on it.
I have a poster signed by Greg Lemond when he was inducted to the hall of fame!~
Try looking at Steve Adams web-site for his company AIM Enterprises Inc.
He has a lot of great sports art and is very helpfull if you are looking for something special.
He is in OH too, but I'm not sure how far south he travels.

The Lance Armstrong poster was made by Oakley.
They should be making another for this years victory.