Olympic Torch Holder

Feb 11, 2004
Chesterfield Missouri
We just took in an Olympic torch, t-shirt, etc. to shadow box. Looking for how you've attached the torch if you've done one already or any ideas if you haven't done one yet.

If you haven't ween one yet the torch is a tapered cylinder about 25" long.

I'm considering two options, one is using Mylar straps and the other is having Gemini build me some acrylic brackets.

Your help is appreciated!
I am interested to see input on this as well.

I have three torches to frame;two with shadowbox paraphernalia, and one that the customer wants extended in an acrylic box, with just the torch in the box.

I did get some info. at the Atlanta show last wkend. from Showcase Acrylics for the third one. They said they would have to have the specs. of the torch, and create a clip/holder for me.
Then they would manufacture the box so the torch could be viewed from the front and the sides, which this cust. wants.

I bet the very imaginative/resourceful grumblers will have some good ideas on this, beyond " get something made for it." ....
Check out the "Frame of the Month" in the last FBN. [It's now Framing Monthly or FM. and here we are FD, Framing Daily] :D

The frame job was one of the nicest jobs I have seen done on a Torch.
I did one for the 84 and now I'm embarassed. It wasn't half as nice as the one in FBN.

Of course this was just a distraction from the point that I can't remember how they tagged it down; I'll be dipped if I can remember how we did the one in 84.

Please make sure these things are out of gas before framing--we just had one in that was not totally empty.

Our plan was to sew it down with coated wire. We were able to hide the wire between the Metalic front and wood back and it seemed very secure. Also, thread at the bottom seam and a small mylar strap, too, if needed.

Too bad the torch project was shelved by the client.
"Please make sure these things are out of gas before framing--we just had one in that was not totally empty."

Great advice, I wouldn't have thought to check for that! I did have a customer who was admiring it inquire if we were goint to frame it so it could be lit ;) Does anyone have a good source for asbestos mats, in a nice blue?