Old threads....new store...need a back-up plan


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 7, 2005
I was just reading an old thread entitled "One supplier-one bill=reduced costs?"

The reason for this archival dig is because I use one primary supplier for moulding & everything else & LJ for moulding only. LJ has nice moulding, but at much higher prices than that of my primary.

(trying to get to my point...) I would like to know if there are any other suppliers serving my area so I can have a back-up plan when products I need are back-ordered. We are a new store and I really want to set the precedent from the beginning that I CAN beat the BB prices/quality; that I CAN provide faster turnaround; that I CAN find the perfect moulding you are looking for; that "can't" is not in my vocabulary.

That being said, do all of you wise framers have suggestions/suppliers that you would offer?
My store is in Millbrook, AL....about 10 minutes from Montgomery, AL.

I use CASH Moulding Sales located in Birmingham, AL as my primary supplier. They deliver every Wednesday, free of charge, no minimum.

LJ delivers from Huntsville/Atlanta but charges a minimum shipping, and I have a minimum order requirement or I get charged even more. I am a small shop and can't afford this when I can get deliveries at no charge/min.

Thanks once again. I always seem to be asking for help and not offering.
I am in Hueytown, Al. I use Cash, also use Crossroads out of Jackson, Miss,. They also deliver once a week at no charge as long as you order their min.

Are you close to Priesters? I see a frame shop at that exit on my way back and forth to Pensacola. What kind of Photography do you do?, and how long have you been framing?
In addition to Crossroads, you may want to check out Framing Suppliers in Pelham, AL.


They also deliver once a week free with minimum.

Crossroads # is 800-237-7488.

I have recently moved to Omaha from St. Louis and this talk of suppliers has been on my mind for the last month. I previously used a supplier in St. Louis however they went out of business about 10 months ago. At that time I was also ordering from Evalde, Masters, Williamson and Studio.

Since I relocated my shipping costs have skyrocketed. Does anyone know of a distributor in the Omaha area? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

treeves...I am not at the Priester's exit. I am about 35 miles, north four miles from the 181 exit (Prattville/Millbrook/Coosada). I am originally from Greenville which is about 12 miles south of Priester's/Fort Deposit.

We just opened our store in January after 2 months of grueling renovation work. My husband is the photographer and does a little of everything. We have an in-house studio for portraits, but he really prefers to do more personalized, creative photography (at your home, outdoors, etc.). He also does weddings, commercial photography, sports team pics, etc. Anything really. He taught college level photography for several years and has a background in journalism/PR/publishing.
I grew up around antiques, woodworking, and framing (Thanks to my Mom & Dad). The decision to plunge headfirst into this was made after tiring of working for "the Man". (*smile*)

Curious, who is your sales-rep @ Cash? Are you satisfied with them & have you been using them long? How long have you been in business?

Thanks for the info, everyone.
Your business is too important to trust any one supplier - Or a few suppliers for that matter.

For example, a few years back I was using an Omaha suplier because there was free delivery, they carried a lot of good wood mouldings, they stocked two brands of mat board and glass. One of their main manufacture suppliers had some problems and they lost half of their good wood mouldings. Other events happened and within a year or so they dropped their mat boards, glass, general supplies and delivery. They still supply a good collection of mouldings.

At the same time my local supplier of metal mouldings and mat boards - with next day delivery or twenty minute pickup sold out to an employee. the business was able to last maybe a year and then died last year.

I went north to an out of state supplier who then decided to move to a new location. Lots of problems with inventory and special orders, plus their main focus is the production preframed art.

For a while I was scrambling for supplies. I lost customers and orders.

A few words of advice;

Seek out and have accounts established with several suppliers, including manufacturers. Be ready to change. It took me 6 months to open an account with one supplier and 3 days with another.

Inventory what you need. Do not rely on your suppliers to keep your inventory.

Set your prices to include what it would cost you to get it from the next supplier if your primary supplier is out or, if events affect their service. Do not count on anyones service remaining the same.