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El Framo

We have two locations, and transport completed orders from one to the other. In order to minimize damage, we package all orders in cardboard (which has become pricey). An employee asked about bubble wrap bags, and felt that would save money and labor. I couldn't find any larger than 36" X 24", which should work for alot of the pieces we do. Can anyone out there share their knowledge on how they pack, what they use etc.?
I am doing the same process of framing at one location and delivering to the second. I use the bubble corners called "Bubba Corners" from MM Distributor's, and stretch wrap from U-Line. When loading the truck we alternate a piece of cardboard between each frame. The card board is re-usable this way. So far it has worked for us.
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We use a roll of bubble rapp that is 500 feet long?? It has perferations every twelve inches, it is also 48 inches wide. It works good for us, but we wrap the entire piece. If you wish I could get the folks we use. just let me know
The place I work for uses cardboard around the frame. Each piece of art is cornered and wrapped with bubble wrap, and encased in cardboard. Everything is kept safe that way, even with the extra expense. Customers are always impressed at "how nice it looks" and how they "hate for us to open it" so they can see the finished art.
There's a type of fome-board that comes in a cardboard case that has a handle in the top, if you open it along the long side. I simply reinforce the cardboard around the "handle", place 32x40 sheets of foam in the box and use it like an attache case. Might not be the absolute safest way of transporting things, but over the past year, we've never had a single mishap.

Dave (Framemakers), What do you use to transport finished artwork from your production facility to the stores?

As an installer I transport a lot of art. For most of your more typical framed pieces I just use cardboard corners held on with stretch wrap and place them vertically in the truck face to face, back to back with cardboard interleaved whenever there is a size change. If the frame finish is fragile I'll stick a piece of bubble wrap on the corner before putting on the cardboard corner to keep the cardboard from damaging the finish (in a pinch cardboard can be used as fine sanding paper). Oils or acrylics without glazing I usually insist on wrapping with bubble wrap and interleave with cardboard. I have movers blankets or rugs but always worry about snagging the surface of a painting or even any carving on the frame. Everything is then tied up with a rope to hold it vertically. No bungie cords!

Seems like any time I try to change my method or am too lazy and just stick something in the truck for that short trip to wherever I end up paying for it. Literally.