Old Links cgi-bin and cgibin, PHP links fixed


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Interesting, because I changed the cgi-bin back to cgibin many old links work again. I also updated the grumble links with the cgi-bin and made them cgibin so they all work. Over the next couple of days I will edit the rest of the cgi-bin out of the site.

I've spend a couple hour and updated over 100 old links so they work again.

This was only done on thegrumble forum so far but I will see what I can do with the rest of the site oveer the weekend.

Well this is late Thursday, I just spent the evening cleaning up many 100's of links.

So if a link to thegrumble.com fail please note the f=number and the t=number in the address bar and post it below. I will see is I can fix it for you.



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and where did you find it?

f=# & t=# from the address bar or the complete address from the address bar.


or was it from your "Favorites" list on IE? (That was a valid path with the old system)