Old Hand At Framing - New Business Owner


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
May 14, 2006
North Carolina
Karen's Custom Frames, LLC
Hi, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Karen and I've owned my own business for 10 months now. My husband and I have been lurking here since I've opened and have gotten alot of useful information from everyone. Here's my story: I have been framing for about 12 years and have always managed everyone elses frame shops. My husband is in the Air Force and left for a year tour in Korea, 9 days later (May 05)my employer passed away and his children decided to sell me the business since I have managed it for 5 years and they all live in California. I had 2 days to make a decision to purchase or not (a real no brainer) it was an established business for 25 years and came with a great customer base that already new me for 5 years so it was a very smooth transition for all of my customers. Since I've opened, (August 05) I modernized the business from what he had. I purchased the equipment and inventory that he had and added an underpinner, bought a Wizard in November, the Integrated Framer in January and am now wanting to purchase a POS but haven't decided what will be best yet. I run the store by myself and with some help from my husband (who just returned home) and my kids. Finally had time to stop lurking and introduce myself, looking forward to sharing info with everyone. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.
Welcome to the Grumble Karen!

You seem to have made all the right business decisions. A POS is definitely a good move.

Not sure if you know, but True-Vu is offering a free version of LifeSaver. It is quite good actually. Many Grumblers use it, I do too.

But there is a link if you search the archives for a comparison between all POS systems. It is quite handy.
I hear framers grow on trees in NC. I think after 2 more and we will have met our quota on framers from NC.

Anyway welcome to the G. I think its amazing that you had the nerve to buy a shop under those circumstances. I'm glad all is working for you.

Carry on.
<strike>Oh, geez. Another North Carolina framer.</strike>

Welcome to the Grumble Karen and best of luck with your new shop.

Ah, geez, Kit beat me to it. :D

Actually Jay, because Charles does frame, the quota is down by six.

So welcome to the G Karen, and it sounds like a sweet deal for your transition.
Charles frames???!!!!! :eek: When did that start? Maybe when they make John Deere choppers, John Deere underpinners, and John Deere matcutters (or maybe he just paints them all green...)

Oh, yeah - welcome Karen.
Thanks for all the great welcomes!! I'm not originally from NC, we are from IL, hubby is military and stationed here but we will retire here. They call us d@*n yankees cause we came and are staying!! Started framing in Okinawa Japan as a hobby, fell in love with it and made it a career. Thanks again for the warm welcomes!!
Well, Betty, Charles DID build a deck once, remember??

It was a good deck too. It was all outside and ............. in the back yard and ......... well, very decky looking.

And, to my knowledge, Charles hasn't painted it JD green ............................... yet.

Hi Karen and welcome! By chance, did you buy Jack Amirian's business? If so, he was a very talented man. He's the person that got me hooked on custom framing back in the early 80's.

Good luck to you and to your husband. Hope your business is a continued success.

Hi Janet, yes I did buy Jacks business. I managed it for 5 years and worked with his oldest son before he moved to California. It was a sudden death and the kids didn't want the business so they offered it to me. If I didn't buy it they were going to close it since they didn't want someone they didn't know to buy it. Jack hadn't done any of the framing in the last 5 years, he only dealt with the business end and since the customers knew me it was a easy transition for everyone. Even though it's a new ownership for me it wasn't like starting a new business from scratch so I've been very blessed with the continued success.

Welcome to The G. With your experience, you should be a good contributor to the conversations here. Hope to hear from you often.

And to your husband: Welcome home, and thanks for your service to our country.
From one 'Karen' to another 'Karen' - Welcome to the Grumble