Old frame....

Diane Morris

Grumbler in Training
Apr 20, 2004
Wabash, Indiana
I have an old frame I'm interested in selling. Possibly from the late 1600's/early 1700's. Very thick and ornate gold frame. Has an oval oil painting in it, (supposed to be the daughter of the first Govenour of North Carolina, William Drummond), so it has the gold part of the frame that comes out to the oval, like a mat.

Just was wondering if anyone knew anyone to contact that specializes in buying or selling antique frames. Thanks, Diane
It might serve you to contact one of the major auction houses in NY about this. Christie's or Southeby's. Don't discount the value of the oil painting, though vintage frames are holdiing their own in the market right now. I believe the term for the kind of frame you have is "Spandrel". If this frame is what you say and it is in any kind of good condition you will want to take your time in marketing it. The right auction at the right time can mean a great deal in the difference of the sale price.
Good luck.
Eli Wilner from New York.
Eli Wilner & Co
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New York, NY 10028
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Larry Sharr from Lowy (also in New York)
Julius Lowy Frame and Restoring
223 E 80 St.
New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212-861-8585