Old Dominion Freight Line Negativity


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May 24, 2002
Raceland, Louisiana
Old Dominion delivered six boxes of mouldings a few weeks ago. When the driver opened the back of the truck, 2 out of 6 boxes were not only opened, but were spread throughout the truck. Other boxes (other items he had to deliver to other places) on top of some. The mouldings were destroyed. He was furious and called the New Orleans office and reported it. I had to accept everything or nothing. I accepted it all. He told me how he reported it and Old Dominion will have to cover the damages. They didn't. I recently got a lettter i saying NOTHING was covered for damaqes because it is rated as "Class 55". I called O.D. back this morning and warned them about another shipment that is on its way (maybe i shouldn't accept the order at all because i told the moulding company NOT to send it by O.D>!). I told them if the mouldings are damaged in ANY way that I would call the local sheriff's office and get a deputy as a witness, take photos with my digital camera and talk to an attorney.

I heard good info about Old Dominion OUT OF the New Orleans area but not in the surrounding N.O. area.

Has anyone every had problems with delivery trucks? If so what freightline? Thanks.
saying NOTHING was covered for damaqes because it is rated as "Class 55".
Who picked that classification? Vendor or O.D.?

Were you informed that you were paying for freight service in which it was at your risk of damage?

What is the vendor saying about it all?
Get the vendor involved. Sounds like they use them on a regular basis and will apply pressure since nothing that OD delivers will ever be covered from this vendor.

Now apply pressure to the vendor for shipping the moulding uninsured. Many vendors self insure because they have found that it is less expensive to replace the occasional item than to pay for insured delivery.
It is rare for use to recieve length moulding WITHOUT damage. And now with the fuel surchages its a real crime.

Just recived a full box of a roma 6" moulding with 2 of the 4 rails severly damaged. Had to take as it is all for one frame and I can cut around the damage. Still ticks me off that we have to pay more for worse service.