Olan Mills Photo


Sep 18, 2003
United Kingdom
Hi Everyone.
I'm hoping for some information to pass on to a customer before taking her Olan Mills photo back for a refund of £109.00 or $203.00 !!!!!
The customer brought in a 20 x 16
portrait photo to be framed. As soon as she put the photo on the table I didn't like the look of it at all. The two sides were on the table but the photo arched to where the middle of the photo was about 1 1/2 inches in the air, and on pressing the middle down blisters appeared over a 6 inch square area.
Does anyone know what process OM use to mount their photos. And what causes the photo and board to curl so badly. Is this just a one off, I can't believe they would dispatch this in that condition.

I know there will be replys so I thank you all in adance.

Oh, I wish I'd thought of Olan Mills when we were talking about things we dreaded to see come into the shop.

I especially hate the photos printed on canvas then stapled to plastic ovals.

That wasn't much help to Kalta, but I feel better for having whinged.

I hope your customer can get a replacement .

It sounds like someone at Olan Mills (or the photo processor that they use) goofed, and they should replace the photo or refund the money without any hassle. My bet is that they'll want to replace the photo. The customer should request a copy that isn't mounted.

Please let us know what happens.
That sounds like a tissue mount that was taken out of the press while it was still very hot, allowing the (improper) backing board to warp and slide along the tissue before the adhesive hardened. The best way to fix it is to print another one.

And, yes, I would tell Olan Mills, "Don't mount it this time, I'll have someone who knows what they are doing handle that part"
Hunt em down like mad dogs n run em out of town!

That's my humble opinion of how this problem should be intelligently handled.

Another option could be to have your customer return it.

Hi all.
just an update on an item I posted april 24th. about an Olan Mills photo that blistered.
My customer took it back, and had to write to the uk head office.They apologised, have offered to replace the photo and reduce her bill by 20%. She has accepted this.
Regards kalta.