Ok Robo, I'll show too

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
Ok the new store is about 80% ready. I'm open, for what thats worth. The workroom is a mess still so no pictures of that yet.



and After


And the other direction!





And After


Well thats sorta after. I'm still painting the trim in that picture and haven't put the base down yet either but you get the idea.

When you open my door here is a picture of the design cave.

And one more for the road. Here is a sloppy grainy blurry shaky video (1.6 MEGS)


Thanks Mike @ Tadporters who I pretty well hijacked his store and was certianly the insperation for this shop (reconize the design cave, open ceilings, and hall to nowhere).

I'm reworking my website as we speak. I figure a new location need a new site.

Check it in a day or so and there will be a section just for the new gallery and history of this area if your interested.


Right now its a bloody mess of broken links and missing pages, so don't go now....later.

Carry on.
Beautiful Jay, I wish I could see it in person. Very impressive and I love your colors!!!!
Very nice Jay. I love the way you did the design area. Lots of character.
Thanks Jay,

Very nice indeed, looks very welcoming.

AOL media player won't play your video, but I must have something else installed that will!

Best of luck in the new place
Jay, looks good........... I did find it interesting that they used wood studs for the partician walls.......... that is not allowed here.
Terrific job .... !!!

We're in the last of the planning/start-of-the-doing stages of remodeling here ....

love your colors ..... we have decided to get away from the neutral greys that have accumulated a million holes over the past seven years, and put up the equivilent of Crescent 1183 (Auburn) on one wall, Crescent 1671 (Blue Note) on the opposite wall, and Bainbridge 8160 (Luna) on the in-between wall .... and we finally got a what-took-us-so-long brain-flash to more effectively separate the gallery from the framing area ..(duhhhhh...)

Anyway, congrats on your innovative design within a limited space .... best of luck with your new superb layout.
Looooking GOOOD, Mister Hartman!! (apologies to the Sweathogs)

Jay - looks GREAT - colors, artwork-to-go, samples look nice, fixtures, are those readymades on the wire cart? - long way from GA1.0 for sure. Best of luck

Both of us (checking in from SoFL)
I did find it interesting that they used wood studs for the partician walls.......... that is not allowed here.

What do you have to use, metal studs and joists?

Is that a local building code or is it the landlord’s decision?
They just built a Taco Bell here using all wood. I was kinda surprised to see that.
Originally posted by Jay H:
They just built a Taco Bell here using all wood.
And when they ring it I'll bet it goes THUUUUD, THUUUUD!!

I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist that one!

Very elegant, Jay. You must be very pleased with the final look.
Looks great!! I mean it is awesome!

" equivilent of Crescent 1183 (Auburn) on one wall, Crescent 1671 (Blue Note) on the opposite wall, and Bainbridge 8160 (Luna) on the in-between wall "

..okay everyone admit it - how many times have you walked into a paint store with a matboard sample...
You know what I like best? It's being able to see what others have done and are doing physically to their place..I especially love to see the display cases and gadgets that are being used. Gessh ya know I really do need to get out more. ha!
Your lighting amazes me the most. I don't know why..it just did! I am still hemming and hawing over what looks best as far as lighting goes?
I don't know if a dim lit place or a well lit place looks best. I don't mean dim as in you cant see. At night time when we shut down and leave a few of the lights going I think that looks great, but in the day tiem when all the lights are on ( including the sun light ) I think that looks so much better, but then it has this busy office look to it and I don't like that. At night time it has a cozy feeling but it's more like a time to go to sleep feeling..Certainly don't want that. So I don't know...I think your place is just the right look. I bet you had a blast designing it and fun building it. Something about watching your idea come to life. jump out into reality.
Another thing that blows me away is how you guys manage to keep your design table so kept.
Very nice job! Just out of curiosity, is that glazed brick on some of those walls? What was in this building before? What about the tile floors- did you do those? What drove your decision on tile vs. carpet? Does it affect the acoustics in the gallery? I like the open beam ceilings.
:cool: Rick
The layout and the colors are very nice.

Are you in a one story building? If you have someone above you noise could be a problem with the open joist design.

Much of the story is here http://www.greatangles.com/newgallery It tells about the floor and building.

There is an office going in upstairs. They are carpeting so that will cut down on the noise. Plus they put plywood down over the existing floor for support. It won't be to bad.

The acoustics aren't bad at all. They should be, but they aren't. I guess the wood really knockes it down. Everything in the shell is origional to the building.
May 12-13.

About 9 years ago when Lex and I had been married for about a year, I pointed at the Hartman building and told her that one day I wanted to open a guitar factory in that building. You see my whole life I knew I was going to own a business, I just didn't know what kind. Who knows, a guitar factory might still be on the radar screen. BUT it was the building right across the street that I told Lexi I wanted to set up shop.
Nice, Jay. Very, very nice. I commend you on your color choices. Warm, sophisticated and inviting.
Well Thank you Diane. Those are all qualities that I do not posses(Warm, sophisticated and inviting) so I figure my walls have a lot of work to do.
Very sharp looking. How about a flat screen monitor for the counter. It would complete "the" look.

We're planning a major overhaul this year....not sure if I have the energy!

Good luck with the new store, Jay.