Oil painting mounting


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Jun 11, 2004
Edwardsburg, MI
Searched the threads but couldn't find a definative answer for this one.

A customer brought in a 36X24 oil which was taken off the stretchers and rolled. It's a Paris street scene, not schlock, but not Monet.

I have about 3/4" margins to work with so stretching appears out of the question unless canvas border is sewn on and he wouldn't flip for the $ 125.00 for cleaning and revarnishing so I know he wants to keep costs down even though the LJ frame is over $ 500.00. (How do you spell run-on-sentence?)

I would like to mount the oil. Can I just use Frank's Fabric Paste or do I go the beeswax - rosin route? Some threads suggested dry mounting... :eek:

Dave Makielski

As a sretching alternative, I would consider using what I think is called Epson board. Twenty years ago it was used for needlepoint. It is not acid free so I would put a piece of 2 ply rag between the painting and the board. The 3/4" margin will be enough. Not the best, but reversible.
Could you maybe face staple through to a double matboard backing and then bend the staples over on the back? Cover the staples with the frame or a liner and tape over the points of the staples so they don't poke an eye out?

You may try stretching it onto a peice of Acid Free FC with a 4-ply rag board added in for good measure.

Cut the 4-ply and the AFFC to the image size and mount together. This will create a rigid board only 5/16" thick.

You can then strecth the canvas over the board and pin it along the outer edge using 1" - 1 1/2" stainless steel pins.

Place the pins into the AFFC about every 1/2".

From there... you can do with it what you will....

Good Luck.
Why isn't 3/4" enough to stretch on strainer...?

Use the medium strainer and a pair of pliers...

Don't wooz out now Dave, I have high hopes for you..... :D
I agree with Baer, stretch it on bars...........It may be difficult, but not impossible.

BTY, clean and varnish a painting for $125? What are you doing in terms of cleaning?
With keyed stretcher bars this shouldn't be a big deal to stretch. You don't have to get it all that tight before keying.
All right, I've been challenged!

I will try stretching it, but hate using keys to finish it right...may be needed down the line to do the "tighten up".

All great suggestions on mounting. Hope I don't have to go back to that and want so bad to answer the challenge of stretching with so little border. I do use stretcher pliers so at least I have more area to grip.

The canvas itself is in great shape so my cleaning process is cotton balls and varnish remover (yeah, the special stuff for oil paintings, Weber). Square inch at a time. One coat of removable acrylic varnish brushed on and two light coats of spraying the same. Time consuming. I figure about two hours total, but a labor of love. Keeps my hands occupied while I watch Regis. :D

I do have some upson board here...use to use it for wet mounting...

Thanks all.

Dave Makielski