Oil painting in a bathroom


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 13, 2002
Sacramento, California
I just had a customer call and ask what could be done to protect an oil painting that her mother has hanging in her bathroom. My response, of course, was "move it out of the bathroom".
Apparently that isn't an option. (God forbid you should upset the decor in the toilet room!) She asked about glass... not recommended, blah, blah, blah... does anyone have any suggestions? I know there are protective sprays out there but I don't know if any of them are oil painting appropriate. Oh! And apparently the painting is 100+ years old so spraying doesn't really sound good either. Should I just tell her to find a good conservator?
Glass...is recommended.
The piece can be framed using sealed frame technology so that it carries it's own environment with it.
The specifics are taught at the trade shows by Hugh Phibbs.
There is some information about this in the archives if you would like to do a search.
I agree with Wally. Frame it with glass, using plenty of insulating air gap. Seal it as Hugh Phibbs teaches, and it should live another 100 years.

It would be a mistake to modify the canvas art with any kind of coating, for at least two reasons:

1. It would not protect the painting.
2. It would permanantly change the painting.

The problems in the bathroom are presumably extremes of both temperature and humidity. No coating would deal with the issues of expansion & contraction, and humidity would eventually have its way from behind.
Interesting. Now, the customer wants to use the existing frame. I'm obviously not familar with Hugh Phibbs' method but from what I've seen online briefly, I wonder what the likelihood is of a 100-year-old frame being able to accomodate the materials needed. I guess if it doesn't, that would work out great for me! $$$
Anybody have the April 2004 issue of Picture Framing magazine? If so would you be willing to fax me the Phibbs' article?
PFM will sell you a back copy for about $6....

the fax would be a copywrite enfringement and even if Hugh faxed it to you himself, there could be "issues" ..... now it he "mailed" you one of his "tear sheets" . . .

better to call PFM for a back issue.