Oh no, it is true


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 7, 2004
I've just learned that several mergers will in fact be taking place. But, I do fear, that the resulting company, Joann Michael Larson Juhl Berkshire Nielsen Bainbridge Abramowicz Schmidt O'Leary Buffet III, will end up only selling to itself in a daisy-chain of commerce. This will create a dual vortex eminating from Ohama and Altanta. The vortices will meet at the framing total event horizon, where independant framers will be sucked in to become chum for the ever-growing beast.

I confirmed this by calling someone at the framing desk at Michael's out on Route 18, past the Waffle House. :(
Two questions:

  1. Where does Hunt/Seal/Bienfang/Elmer fit into the scheme of things?</font>
  2. Doesn't anybody know about the Warped forum?</font>
Oh, man, I missed out on another first name! Joann Michael Elmer... I think that's what I'm going to name my first child.

Feel free to move the thread! I usually read the Business Issues forum first then read here so I just posted in the midst of all the other conjecture.
I am struck by the mental image of a "dual vortex"

(of course some of us will find themselves lost for a moment in the image of the daisychain . . .