Odd little back-up

B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
How would I go about backing up the address book from Windows, or Outlook, or what ever that thing is that's on my toolbar. I have a chunk of phone numbers there that I rely on when I need them quickly.

Of course, they are all available in other places, but this is just quick. And I'd like to bring it home to use there as well.

Should be able to do by opening outlook go to tools and open address book. Under edit select all of name in file and in edit copy file or you can print it from there. If you copy it go to desktop and create a folder and paste in the folder. From there you can save it to a disk.
Well, assuming that you're using Outlook Express, you can launch just the address book by going to Start->Programs->Accessories->Address Book. Once you've run the Address Book program, click the menu item File->Export->Address Book (wab). This command will save the entire book to a file, and to load it on your other computer you just choose Import instead of Export (after transferring the file over there of course).

Now if you're using full-blown Outlook, it's almost the same. Just run Outlook, choose the menu item File->Import and Export, and just follow the directions. Outlook will save it to a PST file instead of a WAB.
Actually, with Outlook Express, the only two options for exporting are "MS Exchange Personal Address Vook" or a Text File. Then to import it you have to select Import > Other Address Book, and then select "Text File, comma separated values".

OTOH, if you can find the actual address book, which has the extension of .wab, you can just save that, and then do File > Import > Address Book. The tricky part is that Windows really buries the Address Book, and there may be several. If you do a search for ".wab" and then note which has the newest modification date - that is probably the one you want.