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Octagon frames

As Treeves suggests, set your miter saw at 22-1/2° instead of the usual 45°. On most tables there will be a detent at that position so you can find it easily.

… assuming, of course, that each rail is equal in length.
Originally posted by fourcorners:
I have a client who needs an octagonal shaped frame in a wood tone. Any suggestions for sources? <font color=red>Outside of frame needs to be approximately 32".</font>
Is this the very outside of the frame or the size inside the rabbet?

If it is the size within the rabbet, you can cut 8 pieces at 67.5&#186 (or 22.5&#186 depending on which side of the saw you are working off of) on each miter and make each length as close to 13.255" as you can measure. This will give you an octagonal round frame with a rabbet to rabbet measurement of about 32".

You can't cut to the outside of the frame moulding unless you know the width of the moulding. If you know the width you can calculate the cuts but, without knowing how wide the moulding is, there is no way to determine the cuts.

As far as finding a 32" round octagonal frame in a readymade, good luck. They are probably out there but I haven't a clue where to look. I usually build my own.


Edit: I guess you could cut to the outside dimensions if you measured directly instead of following your calibrations on your chop saws. They are usually set up to cut to the rabbet and not the outside of the moulding.
If you don't want to change your name to eightcorners, try one of your moulding suppliers. Inline Ovals, among others will build any size and shape for you.
All good suggestions... but we order chops. Our tiny shop can't accomodate a nice fancy saw sooo... I guess I'm at the mercy of our suppliers. We'll phone up the sales reps and see what they can do for us.
I relize fourcorners said they don't own a "FANCY" saw. However if you get one or if some others have one try finding a copy of BARTON"S MULTIANGLE GUIDE.That isn't the offical title but it is a very definetive book on how to make a host of multiside frames and how to vary their sizes.
I need help - I also don't have a saw (yet - 2006 project) and I have a customer that wants a LJ frame cut to a specific size octagon mirror.

Can anyone help me with this?? I'm sure the customer would pay for shipping, etc., so that's not an issue. I don't have anyone locally that can do this for me that I know of.



I used the Barton guide for the lengths that I posted for fourcorners last year. I don't know if I brought it along with me when I moved back down here or not.

(Alot has happened since THAT post, I closed my business, moved up to IL, managed a frameshop for HL, moved back down here to FL and am managing a frameshop here in Miramar Beach!!)

Sooooo, if you can supply me with the diameter of the mirror, I will check tomorrow and see if my guide is at work.

In the meantime anyone with a Barton's can help you if you know the diameter of the mirror.

Good luck.

I used Multi-angle to make a triangle for me... (we dont chop here) they were very helpful and i was able to have LJ send the moulding to them but bill my acct.

The decorator that I am working with has a woodworker that will cut it for me. I also have Bartons book, so that will come in handy. I think the biggest question that came up for me and I wasn't sure how to deal with it, was how to price this. Would you quote it at retail length straight up and fitting fees, retail length with a discount (for someone else chopping) and fitting fees???? What would your individual line items be?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Thanks again


p.s. I was looking for the multi-angles ad, and hadn't come up with it yet!