Octagon Frame


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Mar 24, 2002
Clearfield, PA
I'm just a little "full-of-myself" right now - so please excuse me - - -
Just completed my first attempt at an Octagon frame. Customer brought in this "rag rug" that her great-aunt made in the mid-fifties. (It will hang in their family room surrounded by various sized framed family photos) She's the type of customer that just drops things off & says "do it - I trust your judgement" (I always have them okay the design before I start the project)

We went w/ Alphamat 8526 (Indigo) - Just enough of a subtle color to let the colors of the rug stand out. A normal "rectangular/square" frame just didn't look right for this project - - the excess matting in the corners "took away" from the subject matter (Hey - didn't we just discuss this? :D ) For the frame I used Framerica's Mahogany boxer which I cut on my Phradra saw. I ordered an "Octagon" attachment for my Cassesse nailer which made joining a breeze. Glass size was 26x26 and we used conservation clear. (Cutting the glass properly was the toughest part of this job) The rug was mounted using the attach-ez gun w/ the needle punching thru the matboard & the foamcore backer for added strength. Another sheet of foamcore was added to the back before it was dust sealed as normal.
Customer was expecting a normal "frame" and was thrilled to get the octagon
And, it was fun to do!
Nice job, Mike. Having an octagon attachment sure must be nice.
Originally posted by Paul N:
Very nice..!

I bet cutting the glass would have driven me bonkers!
Now Paul...you still have one good eye!

...and in aa couple of days you'll have two ;)
oops..and Mike great job, I'll call you if I get the trapezoid job I was threatened with
Mike,your rug job looked really nice. I know what you mean when you said it was fun. The satisfaction we get when we get to do something unique. Whenever I get the opportunity to cut a piece of glass like that, I lay the frame on the glass and trace around the rabbit with a Sharpie then cut the lines on my glass cutter.Again,really nice job.
Nice work, it really pops and the frame will look great on almost any wall!
Thanks Guys! (and Gals!)
Hey Steph - After tackling this octagon, a trapezoid would be a piece of cake.
The "Boss" (my bride) is now gathering items for me to do as octagon samples for the shop - Oi Vey!
THe trapezoid job ...if they come in is a mirror that is 10'x6'. They have only called so far, they are suppose to pop in this week to look at samples, I refused to even try and give and estimate. Hope they do come in..wouold love the challenge and the ka-ching that goes with it!