NY Show


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Sep 5, 1998
New Cumberland, PA
I hate to be picky (yeah, right...), but I can't find any free admission offers for the NY Frame Show ... am I correct in concluding that there's no way to avoid a $10 fee for this? If you have info that garners free tickets, please let me know.
If it comes to pass, this would be the first time an admission fee has been charged.

Just curious if there is a freebee way to go, as in the past...

If not, the **** with it.
Just wait... the vendors usually send out free admission slips right before and I haven't gotten any promotional mailings from then yet. Have you?
From past experience, I know that as soon as you break down and purchase the $10 ticket to save buying a $20 ticket at the door, the very next day you will receive seven free admission offers from vendors.

Live on the wild side and wait a little while longer!
Oddly enough, my LJ rep just called. They will be getting passes to distribute to framers in about a week. It seems the show is being run by a different organization this year, and not quite up to speed on shmoozing us framers .... they actually intended to charge at least $10 a head to us....
Yeah, Maryann, he tells me the same thing...
In actuality, I called him a few days ago about tickets, and he's just now getting back to me ...so, he may not, indeed, read this...
Any idea WHEN the show will be? I seem to have missed any reference to it so far. Is it going to coincide with the Art Expo at Jacob Javitts Center?