NW Education Festival March 20th/CPF test and Recertification

Terry Scidmore CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 5, 2001
Seattle, WA 98168
The Evergreen Picture Framers Guild will hold its 12th annual Education Festival Sunday, March 20th at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Tukwila, WA. The all day event includes seminars on business management, CMC technology, moulding alteration, fabric wrapping techniques, stretching canvas transfers and giclees, and working with designers. Instructors include Dennis Tilly, Brian Wolf, Baer Charlton, Donna Rickman, Cris Pera, and Tekoah Buchanan.

The festival also hosts a framing competition with cash awards and ribbons. This years competition piece is a giclee canvas transfer, available for purchase at meetings or through the board.

The cost is $120 for EPFG members registering before March 4th, and includes a full day of classes of your choice, continental breakfast, buffet luncheon, social hour hors d'oeuvres and a free drink. This price also includes the 2005 EPFG membership, membership priveleges, and the EPFG newsletter. CPFG members may attend for $80 before March 4th.

For further information on the Festival, please contact Paul Knoop (pknoop@earthlink.net) or Terry Scidmore (tscidmo@attglobal.net).

EPFG, PPFA, and Larson-Juhl are co-hosting a PPFA Certification Test and a Recertification Class on Saturday, March 19th, at the Larson-Juhl facility in Seattle. For further information, contact Cathy Filter at PPFA.
Just wanted you know that flyers arrived via delivery drivers today, looks like a fabulous three days of events. It will be great to see everyone and always learn new things!
Check is in the mail, email sent to Larson Juhl. I am coming. This will be my first time at anything even like this. Got to admit I am a bit intimidated, but I think I will have fun. Hope I don't make an *** of myself!

For those of you who might need a hotel and the $160.00 a night seems steep, I booked in at Towne Place Suites Seattle S Center, at 18123 72nd Ave S, Kent. Entertainment card rate of $50.00/night. It is 1-2 miles away, a 15 or 20 minute walk. They also offered to free shuttle me. I will drive down 1-5 from Vancouver Saturday afternoon, and return Monday night. Look forward to seeing some of you there. Baer, I signed up for your class, want a first hand chance to find out what kind of a character you really are :D
Just wanted to update this post. After March 4th, the cost is $150.00 for EPFG members, and $110.00 for CPFG members. Classes are filling up fast - lots of people have signed up for Dennis Tilly's class on Pricing and Profitability, Donna Rickman's roundtable on Designing Women, Tekoah Buchanan class on stretching canvas transfers and giclees, Cris Pera's class on altering frame finishes, Brian Wolf's hands on class on working with CMC's, and of course, Baer's class on fabric wrapping almost anything!

Baer shared with me that he will be teaching in thick wooley gloves!!!

LJ has added a class on Monday, March 21st, featuring Dennis Tilly "It's All About The Art!" This class is from 10:00 to 4:30, and costs $75.00. Interested parties can register by calling LJ at 206 - 433 -1617 and ask for Doug F.

Quite a weekend! CPF test and recertification course on Saturday, March 19th, EPFG Education Festival on Sunday, March 20th, and LJ Seminar on Monday, March 21st! And it includes food and a free drink! And Baer!
OK...I cannot miss a self-serving plug for the CPF Re-certification Course. Cathy and I are very excited about the chance to work with the EPFG to offer the CPF Re-certificaton Course and the CPF exam. The Re-certification Course is required every four years for non-grandfathered CPF's...and is a requirement, grandfathered or not, to sit for the MCPF exam. We are offering the MCPF on the West Coast during the Fall Convention in San Diego later this year. Now is the time to meet this requirement, and to get ready for the MCPF.

Because I have been through the MCPF process, and been a judge in the last two offerings (Chicago and Orlando), I have added emthasis in those areas that will help you pass the MCPF.

I want to thank the EPFG for including PPFA in the weekend's events.

William Parker, MCPF GCF
Past President, PPFA
National Board Of Directors