Norman Rockwell Prints


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Jun 11, 2004
Edwardsburg, MI
I have a customer who brought in some N.R. prints... One signed about 24X32 O.D. #1555/2500 and three Approx. 18x24 O.D. not sined or numbered, but with an A.P. penciled in the lower right on the border.

I presume A.P. to mean Artist's Proof, but I've never seen an artist's proof not signed.

He would like to get an approx. value on these and I have no background on N.R.'s prints. I belong to, but these are primarily for original auction works.

His framing treatment will depend on how valuable these appear to be and has asked me what I think they could be worth.

I am getting more and more request for approx. values on limited editon prints and engravings.
Does anyone know a way to get valuations on these and other prints?

Thanks for any help...

Dave Makielski
Dave, Are these the ones where the Signature is printed but the number is in pencil????

Just did the one of the young couple applying for a marriage cert....

The story "my customer was told", is that the Rockwell family is "re-issuing" is "limited" editions..... She also said that this image was available in about 9 other sizes.....

I also have a Chagal in right now that is of the same ilk. The guy "only" paid $1,800. No signiture, no numbering, no nuthin . . .

Lawrence Galleries.....

I would suggest that they go to an appraiser. Your verbal ball park estimate is only worth the paper it isn't printed on.
Dave, I find on-line auctions to be a good source of valuations because you get to see what a buyer is willing to pay for a piece rather than what an appraiser thinks it's worth.

Ebay is the prototype and if you narrow your search with specifics you don't have to wade through too much schlock. (I know, one woman's schlock is another's Thomas Kinkade.)

There are also several 'seized property' sites that carry higher end merchandise.

But for cryin' out loud... if you are the one being suckered into doing the research for Mme. Customer, make sure the two of you agree in advance how much an hour you charge for research. After all, if you weren't doing this, you would be doing something productive, like raking leaves or crocheting or something.
Did you ask what the customer paid for the prints?

I have the "personnal opinion" that prints published after an artist has died are not originals no matter what the current publisher says. I consider it hype and not worth anything more that a good reproduction. Ten sizes of the same image times 2,500 is 25,000 images. The publishing world is not known to be as trustworthy when it comes to postomus limited edition prints.

And what did P.T. Barnum once say?
You're all right and yes, Baer, it is the exact same print.

He bought these prints on a cruise ship auction if that tells you anything...

Paqid around $ 100.00 a piece for 4 prints so at least he didn't get taken too bad. Could have lost more in the casino quicker...

Thanks all,

Dave Makielski
Since you are in Michigan, you can always refer a customer to DuMichel's Auction house in the Detroit Area. I usually tell my customers that I am a framer not an appraiser. I also enjoy watching the Antique Road Show.

I agree with Ellen. If you are going to do a lot of research, then let the customer know how much you charge per hour.

I love "cruise art"!!! It helps keep us all in business, but it probably isn't worth much. However, the customers have great stories and memories from their cruises so you can usually get some pretty good framing profits.

Call the Norman Rockwell Museum, they also sell a full line of the prints. I have a catalog somewhere but you can look it up on the net just as fast.