Normal or flexible points

Nick Tonks

Mar 4, 2006
I am thinking of getting a point driver. The framing shop I purchased came with a staple gun. Is it better to get a poind driver that does normal points or one that does fleible points? I have noticed in the posts a few people say the flexibe points can allow the art work to move around to much. I was thinking of getting a fletchers point driver. Either black or green.
I think most framers have both, the flexible one being used mainly for customers who want to fit the work themselves, or for ready made/photo frames of your own.

The flexible points are also thinner, so useful when there is little space left in the rebate.
Personally, I don’t care for the flexi points. Back when I was a customer, some framers used them and I found the flexi points would bend and cause the package to become loose in the frame. I had to open the back and fix the frame job.

I have the black Framemaster point driver.

Choosing just one would be a tough call - but I'd lean towards the Framers Points (black driver) as the first choice. And I'd put the Flexi-Point driver near the top of the list of things to get when there's room in the budget. For the things I want flexi-points for there's nothing better, but for most standard fitting I feel as though the regular points are more secure. In general I can't back them out using just my index fionger.
Nick:Think about the multi-master driver. Not only does it have the capabilities of both guns, in addition it has a hole for inserting a screw which comes in very handy when you need to attach frames together.And since the tines are serrated they hold much better than the flexi-point driver.

We are a really small shop, but I use all three (yellow, black, and green) on a regular basis. Each can be used for different situations. I remember a time when framers didn't have these wonderful tools and had to insert brads with that awkward fitting tool. Not much fun. Luckily soon after I started the black Fletcher gun became popular in the frame shop. Then came the green gun, and then the yellow. What will Fletcher come up with next? I skipped purchasing the wall mounted glass cutter and cut all glass by a handheld tool, but have multiples of the guns. I have even had them serviced when the parts wear out. They can last a long time.
I used to keep two green and two yellow Fletcher fitting tools at the end of my fitting bench. I had more than one Packer fan compliment me on my choice of colors.

Scott's right. If you're going to have just one fitting tool, it's hard to beat the Multi-master driver. (That's the yellow one.) The points are rigid-enough for every day use, but flexible-enough (a limited number of times) to allow refitting without removing them. (There were a few bad batches of the points several years ago that would break - not bend - but that was an anomaly.)
If you've ever carefully inspected an ultrawhite mat multiple times to make sure it's "clean", then used the black driver points, then turned it over, and found a nit, then swore, then refit it twice more, you'd go with the bendable yellow gun points.

You know how I know this.
Eeny Meeny Miny Mo....

All three are so useful. I use the black the most, green sometimes and yellow once in a while.

Some good tips to use the yellow gun!!

I use them all! If you could only pick one start out with the black
I was told when I started out that if you want to be a real framer than you got to do it all and have it all...hmmm!
Somedays I wonder about this advice. Perhaps some of you younger guys can " DO-it-ALl " but I sure Can't.
I got all 3 guns, and never gave it a thought as to which one I used the most until now....
Black is the one..Only on occasion do I use the yellow..