Nielsen profile 100


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Jul 8, 2006
Has anyone figured out how to keep the glass from rattling in the Nielsen profile 100 shadowbox?
would a judicious dab(or 3) of the dreaded sillykon do it??
The “rattling” doesn’t bother me. Once it’s on the wall, it’s not gonna bother anyone.

Bill’s suggestion might work (or you might try a thin sliver of tape on the top and bottom of the glass before you slide it in), but by using silicon, you will probably secure the glass into the slot so that it could never be removed should the need arise.

There has to be a bit of play so that you can slide the glass in. If you are using 2 mm thick picture glass, you may want to substitute SSB (2.5 mm thick). That might help a bit but won’t completely solve the problem.
Glasgard from FrameTek, comes in 100' and 250' boxes. Have a look at THIS.
Rogatory, that was what I was thinking about, just didn't know the name! thanks!

<small>Greg do I get credit for knowing it was from FrameTek!</small>
Rick beat me to it. [Great minds that hate that moulding, eh Rick?]

It's one of the reasons for suedeboard to exsist. :D
Has anyone who recommended glassguard ever used it on the 100 profile? The first time that I tried it, I found....

The glassguard is thicker than the minumum opening in the 100 profile and thinner than the widest spot in the opening. Once installed on the glass, it will not fit into the moulding slot... or at least that was my experience.


Don't get me wrong, glass guard is a great product; but I couldn't make it work in this application.
OK, I LOVE this profile! I never had problems in the past using it, and the rattle never bothered me. At the shop I work at now that moulding is not carried on the sample wall. Recently I had an order that it would have been perfect for, so I pulled out my specifier and sold it. When I got to the shop and asked the person who fit the job what they thought of the frame I was met with violent complaints about the rattling. So what? You didn't have to mess with building shadow box strips, right? Another person mentioned that they used to use it at a different shop and they would always have to replace the glass on jobs with this frame because it always broke. I never had that problem, but maybe it was an isolated incident and they were exaggerating but still... It seems very probable that the glass would be at risk of breaking if it was rattling around in a metal frame.

My suggestion was to use acrylic. No rattle, no break, no problem.

So that's my 2 cents on this frame and I am still going to suggest to my higher uppers that we carry it for its design benefits and minimal labor, rattle or no. Some people just like to find stuff to complain about, anyway.
I'll probably catch it for this, but I had to "fix" a frame in that profile for a lady once. Seems she had a heavy-footed husband and when he walked across the room it rattled the frame and the glass "buzzed". Said it drove her nuts. So I put a dab of....silicone....just a tiny dab (tiny!), on each inside corner of the glass-slot, slid in the glass and let it sit face-down overnight. No more rattle. She was happy.
We use that profile a lot. It is very handy. We place 1" long pieces of Volara foam tape on each side near the corners, and sometimes in the middle of each side if it's big.

Volara foam tape is used to pad the rabbet of a wood frame. so it will not stick to a canvas painting. It is 1/4" wide and looks like very thin weather stripping.