Nielsen Elements Mislabelled?

Mike Labbe

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Jun 25, 2002
Lincoln, RI
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Has anyone else noticed a problem with the labels on the back of the new ELEMENTS collection? They seem to be missing the dashes. I'm wondering if it's limited to a batch sent to our area.

The data they sent to the POS companies is correct and has the dash in the same format as their other mouldings.

As a result, when you barcode scan or enter the #, you'll get a NOT FOUND error.

Just passing this info along, in case you get this error. Re-enter it with a dash and it should be fine.

ex N41E125 versus N41-E125

I think they shipped them to the Nielsen reps, who are handing them out in person. (at least that's how we got ours last week)

We don't do a lot of metal, but it's a nice looking product!
Mike, I thought the same thing until my rep Evelyn came in last week with the price list for the samples I got the week before. That's when I discovered the profile number is 41. Lovely line, can't wait to use them on a project!
Just got mine via UPS today. They look great!!! They aren't cheap but should still sell well. 3x markup puts them around $20./ft. I get all of my Nielsen samples UPS'd to me. They also come with the pricing list AND a chance to win a trip to Tuscany!!! Can't wait to win!!
Originally posted by Mike-L@GTP:

We don't do a lot of metal,
When we bought the business the previous owner did very little with metals. I thought we wouldn't do too much with metals either, but according to QuickBooks metal amounts to almost 35% of our sales!

Glad I "decided" to extend the selection of metals we carry! The 41's look good, but at $20 a foot I don't think I'll sell a lot of it (oh wait that's what we said about metal in general! I can't wait till QB shows me how wrong I was, again.)
BTW the bulk of metals are 117, 30 and 34 profiles and now the 24's are doing really good.
I'm so jealous! I don't have my samples yet but I saw them in Atlanta and they are gorgeous!

Can't wait to stack one inside a big black wooden moulding - maybe LJ's Tribecca.