New York Frame Maker?

Jim Miller

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Nov 5, 1997
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A customer of mine from Manhassett, New York asked if I could build a hand-carved & finished wood frame. Not I, said the Little Red Framer.

His email description calls for a finished wood frame with decorative details common only to gilded frames -- I told him those decorative features are made of gesso, and then applied to the wood frame, which is then gilded. I also told him that I do not possess the hand-carving expertise he requires.

Anybody know a very good "from scratch" hand-carved frame builder in the New York area? Please give me contact information and I will forward it to my customer.
Jim, Mapquest couldn't find Manhassett??

Is it near the city? If so, AMCI is there and will do most any custom design. You might try them?

In our little burg there is a cabinet maker of the old world style who would take on this kind of a job. His name is James B. Small. He works only with hand tools. He makes beautiful furniture and mirror frames mosty in cherry and walnut. Call him at 717-532-4659. You can tell him I sent you.

New Look 718-392-8784
Rhonda Feinman 800-297-1566
Regence 800-233-7413

AMCI can probably do it, but their strong point is not carving.
Thanks to all for your suggestions. I have responded to the customer with contact info for all of these possible sources.