New York Decor Show

Bob Shirk MCPF

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Dec 27, 2000
Shippensburg, PA USA
Have any of you framers received a copy of the show floor plan? I always like to get an advance copy and mark the booths that I want to be sure to see. I did not get one with my advance registration, and I have not found one on Decor's website.
Hi Bob

It's on their site. Click on the exhibitor info for an interactive map that you can zoom in on to see the booths and vendor names.

I was just checking it out yesterday myself to see where our favorite vendors will be.

See you in NY!

I found it on the site a while ago. Unfortunately, I wanted to print it out, mark it, and take it with me. For some reason I can't get a readable printout less than four feet wide. I guess I'll pick one up at the door and go through it before starting my trek down the aisles.
Thanks Mike. I checked the site again and I did find the floor plan. It is of little value. It is not a good printable format. I'll be at the show on Sunday with Maryann. See you there.

Don't forget to ask for your "Grumbler Ribbons" so we can find each other. (They're free at the registration desk, and attach to your pocket protect.. err badges.)

I wish decor had enclosed a floor plan in their latest issue - or mailed us one with our tickets. I tried to print the floor plan also, but it didn't work.

The "boss" and I are driving up Friday & making a "mini" vacation out of it. Hope to meet some of you there!