New tool?

wally pasbrig

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Mar 27, 2002
South Amana, IA
I just recently purchased a Bostitch pin nailer. I thought my finish nailer was dying (later found out it was the compressor) and in the process of shopping for a replacement, was told at Menards about the new pin nailer. The Menards people were told by Bostitch that it was the perfect tool for finished work. The pins vary in length, but it produces a small hole that is very easy to putty. The pins are headless and when you shot the pin, there is just a soft puff of a sound, not like the sound of a nailer. If you are in the market for a pneumatic nailer, you might want to take a look at this bad boy. Cost was about $129.00.
My dandy OMER pneumatic pin driver shoots 28-gauge pins in various lengths up to 1-1/8". As I recall, the price was $375 when I bought it last year from AMS. A very good tool and well worth the price I paid.

If the one you describe is similar to my OMER, it may represent an excellent value. What a deal!
Wally, my knothead partner across the street and I just got that Bostich.. for attaching oat trim to the side of oak plywood. The hole is so small in oak that you don't have to fill it at all. In fact, we have a hard time trying to find the nail holes.

Jim, these are more like 32 or 36 gauge pins. Totally cool, and for our case goods needs, no putty and cure time. I've been thinking about it at the shop for taller stems and shadow boxes.
What model number is this thing? I looked on their website, and the one they indicate for fine trim uses 22-gauge pins.
Oops, my bad. The Bostich is the SL150 which is the new stapler... we won't talk about the staple through the hose and the "thrown" gun by the scared knothead.....

The pin nailer is the Senco 23guage headless pinner.

But it has limitations.... 1"

We were last week kind of lusting over the new Max which is about $100 more, but really heavy duty and can shoot much longer pins [1/2 - 1 3/8"].. still 23guage.

Max model NF235A/23-35
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