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New Member


Grumbler in Training
Nov 6, 2005
Brisbane Queensland Australia
G’day Framers (sorry couldn’t resist that) I am a Picture Framer in Australia; I have been in the industry for nearly thirty years and specialise in object framing. I have been an interested reader of your forum for some time and decided it was about time that I dipped my toe into the water, so here goes!
I have a football representative jacket to frame (like a golfers jacket) it is quite old (1954) but in reasonable condition (apart from minor moth damage which customer accepts). This is my first jacket to frame so I am looking for suggestions! Can anyone help?
<strike>Oh geez, another Aussie!</strike>

Welcome to The Grumble, Zianus.

You know you're going to have to sew that puppy down, right? If you need more help than you get from this thread, click on the Search button and type in 'hockey jersey'.

The Search button is at the top of the page unless, on your side of the Equator, it's on the bottom.

If you need even more help than that, my son will be in Brisbane over Christmas. He doesn't know anything about framing, but he's a pleasant person and a sympathetic listener.

Good luck with your project.

It occurs to me that, as a new member, you might have been hoping for something more substantive than my flippant initial response.

What sort of suggestions are you looking for? Since you specialize in object framing, I'm assuming you are already familiar with the sewing techniques necessary for mounting.

Personally, I prefer framed articles of clothing to look as though they were casually draped on the backing, rather than stretched out flat. I like the arms in a natural position instead of straight down the sides.

Including other objects - programs, photographs, awards, etc - can add interest so the finished project tells a story. Using a poster of a football game instead of a more traditional backing board can be fun, but may involve conservation issues.

Is that the sort of thing you had in mind?

Hi Kit, I don’t mind flippant at all, in fact I take being flippant very seriously! btw the search button is still on the top down under as we invert the page in our browsers. Great to hear your son is coming to “BrisVagas” I am sure he will have a great time “down under” great beaches, friendly people, strange animals etc. Yes I am experienced in sewing techniques required for mounting fabrics but I guess I was looking for something different (easier) I am still hoping you guys have some innovative ideas. I also fabricate my own hanging system inside the frame (as in store displays) which I have used with some success in the past. FYI there are other items to be incorporated in the frame a 5¼ X 3½ b&w photo + engraved plate. I will be using a deep rebate moulding, black foam-board, spacers, appropriate coloured matboard and plain glass. Thanks for your reply!
This is nice, isn't it? Kinda cozy here on this thread with just me and the lads from Down Under.

I need this conversational connection because, as youse guys are heading into spring, I'm starting the mental shut-down that will get me through the -80F* windchill of a Minnesota winter.

I'm stockpiling the essentials: pencils, pads of paper, chocolate bars, yards and yards of polar fleece, cat food, wool socks, and mystery novels.

It hasn't gotten cold yet but it's comforting to know you'll be there, sending warm thoughts my way, when it does.


Picky, picky!

And I don't want to hear any complaints about hot weather unless that 100 degrees is Celsius.

Hi Kit, sorry to tell you that it is a pleasant 28c in Brisvagas today thanks for the tip, every time I step away from the air-conditioner I will think of you.
OzDave, sorry I was reading from the travel brochure again!