New mat colors restore Goddess' faith in humanity

Framing Goddess

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 18, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio
Did any of you get the package of Crescent's new rag mats?
Just got mine.
Fourteen, count 'em, 14 new solid core colors!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
Solid core williamsburg green, maroon, bricky red (auburn,) leafy green (fern) and some good 'paper bag' browns! Some overlap Bainbridge's versions, most don't! Oh, happy day!

Now if someone would introduce a good robin's egg blue in a rag solid core, I will stop using antique white over and over. Maybe.

Good work, Crescent!

edie the andthesunisshingtoo goddess
I find the "dirty" colors very nice for matting all sorts of antique papers. My main customer is an antique store, and their Victorian etchings look nice in solid core rags. I like to use a color that is just a teensy bit "yellower" than the paper. It makes the paper look fresher.
Had a customer just bring in her great-great-grandfather's baptismal certificate (with mouse eaten edges) and her great grandmothers marriage certificate (license?) and I think these new rag mats will be just the ticket.
Bravo Crescent!
Havn't gotten any!!!

so sad.............

And I had a woman bring in her grandparent's wedding certificate from 1872 that looked wonderful on one of the new rag mats. I'm with you Edie, I love 'em! Kudos to Crescent!
It's just like Christmas in April. I was so excited to open my new samples I could'nt stand it. If you want to enjoy Christmas in April too, contact our friends at:
Now if I just had a plate of fudge.......