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New Look

Ron Eggers

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 6, 2001
Maybe framer is waiting for someone to comment on this or . . .

Maybe mine is the only version of The Grumble that has a new look (on this forum only) or . . .

Maybe those crab cakes I had for lunch were laced with something funny.

I'm not sure if I like it, Framer. It's like a new hairstyle on the person you live with. Maybe it takes some getting used to.

I just hope you're having fun.
I see some blue screen like stuff on the right side. Is that what you see, Ron?

And I found that "Add" means reply.

Looks good to me.
I tried to log on this morning and it took forever to load. I don't know if its at The Grumble end or mine. I have normal dial up service. Tonight it loaded just fine, but a whole lot slower than the old Grumble. I'm not a computer person so don't everyone start jumping my case for doing it wrong or something.

Like people and food, it's nice when things look good, but it's the content that is important. I don't much care either way about the new look, long as every thing works.

Originally posted by JPete:
I prefer the stationary to moving objects. Just me.
Me too. It's harder to hit a moving target.

I know, or feel like Bill is experimenting around, and trying new stuff, but I must comment on a few issues.

First: I am no longer a Picture Framing God. I am becoming 'wrothful' about that...'splain it to 'em, Cap'n English

Second: On some forums, it only gives me posts from that particular day. On others, it goes to 5 days, which is what my default is set for.

Any ideas???

[ 02-28-2004, 04:21 AM: Message edited by: CharlesL ]
Charles, it still says Picture Framing God under your name on this forum...at least on my computer.

As for the moving targets, well, the part you have to hit is stationary.
I laughed when I saw them this morning. I thought that was a good thing.
The problem I have with the animated graphics is that I am easily distracted. Sometimes

Hey! Will you stop staring at me? It's 6 a.m. We're going for a walk when the sun comes up!

What were we talking about?
OK! I will change them later tonight. One of the problems from new users has been, they are unable to fine the new topic and reply buttons. I've decided to scrape my plans to move to threads after a carefull review of others that were disapointed with their moves. I am going to upgrade to the latest UBB this weekend if I find the time. It has many of the features that I liked about threads but without the downside.

The biggest issue I have with it is the loss of all the 100's of links I just fixed. My understanding that the links do follow to the new board and they can't be fixed. I studying that issue still.

Got to go frame...

Well, Thanks alot, Ron and Kit!! I just got here and the animation is already gone, I didn't even get a chance to see the neat stuff. :(

Why don't you 2 just sleep in late on Saturdays, eh??


Why not put the animation back on for just 24 hours so the rest of Grumbledom can at least see what got trashed by the 2 North country "crybabies"?? :D

(Waaaaah, waaaaah, I wanna see it too daddy!!!) :cool:

Yep, you are sure to miss something if you aren't constantly vigilant around here.
That'll teach to go away for over 12 hours.
OK, couple of questions.

I want to set up the board to display in pages.

More then 50 topics to select from would go to page 2 or 3 or 4.

More then 15 replys to a post would get paged to add'l pages.

You would have page links on the top right and a goto to new post link there also.

This could speed up the your access as it will not have to display more data than needed at any one time.

Would you all like to try it for a couple days?

I guess FramerGuy would.

For a man of his advanced years, he's very adventuresome.

Framer, just change anything you want. Then we can ALL be newbies for a while.

Maybe it'll make us more sympathetic when someone can't find the right forum to post to.
By going with pages threads can be 100's of post long. There is no need to cut it off at 60 - 70 posts.

This is the latest version of our board.

Check out the members directory...

and the quick reply box on the bottom of the threads.

A lot has changed in your profile area also.


Cool, the quick reply spot is neat. I also noticed it notifies you on the top of the page that you have an unanswered private message, that is very cool.

Love, love, love being listed as one of the high posters. That makes it easier for all to see who is wasting the most time of all.

Nothing too radically different here. I like it! Great job!

Cool, the guy with the gun is back too. Sometimes you just need him.....
Hey Bill,

You did good, guy!! The new look is lookin' ........... well, new!

I particularly like the time adjustment for your immediate time zone. That has always bugged me in the past.

Now, if only you could incorporate real time digitally enhanced sound so we could carry on our disputes live in Dolby surround!!

Eht ylno melborp I ees si lla ym stsop emoc tuo sdrawkcab.

Spoo! On tiaw...ees eht daerht no Depraw tuoba AISATNAF...

Using a mirror, the newest PFG types: "Ya done good, framer! Keep up the good work!"
Thanks framer,

Framerguy, sorry about you missing out on one small movement and glad I wasn't alone.
An error has occurred:

Permission denied - N, 00000544 at CGIPath/ubb_pm.cgi line 1695.

Please inform the board administration of this error so that they may fix the problem. Thank you!

» Please use your browser's back button to return.
Less that was a goood find and message. Now please expain what you were trying to do so I can understand the code.


I figured it out and THINK I've fixed it. It was a ownership problem with the private mail system.

Well, now I can delete a message.

It also looks like it did not recognize that the message had been read.

Someone send me another to test
This is cool. It's close enough to the old feel for "comfort", but it has new features. The Quick Reply is nice. The Pages feature is too. Also, I see some of our old gremlin ("graemlin") friends are back. Main thing to get used to is that having the name of the last person who posted to a thread under the post time in the right-hand column makes the thread links list appear "double-spaced". That means you have to scroll down farther to get to the older threads. But, this seems not bad of a trade-off for saving time getting to the new posts within a thread by going directly to page 2. Does that make sense?
Anyway, nice job, Framer. I'm liking it.
:cool: Rick
P.S. The thing I still can never figure out is how some of you computer whizzes get text to crawl across the screen in some of your posts.

Hey- another new thing I just noticed is that after posting a reply, and "sitting tight", you are taken directly to your newly posted reply, instead of to the top of the thread. Cool
Very very nice job. Thanks. Love the flashing notice when you get a PM!
what do you mean i can't send a message to myself?
Back from NY...

The improvements are great.

The only thing I think will be confusing is the multiple pages. When someone gets down to the bottom of page 1, they're likely to think that's the end.

They'll get used to it, im sure.

Keep up the great work!

The last time I had a flashing notification on the board that I had one unread message. I went to read it, but the message remained. I was also not able to delete the messages.

Then, I was able to delete the messages, and the notification went away.

Today I see you sent a message(email). There was no notification, and when I went to my profile, there are no messages.

I can get to the message via email link, however, when I hit the delete button, it says - can't not find message.
I just deleted a message to you.

Lets try again.. I'm going to send one to you now.

You just delete it if you can. Do not send it back with a message. Please post here if you have a problem.

looks like it works
There is much to love about the new look and function of The Grumble and, as far as I can see, no downside.

That makes me very suspicious. There's ALWAYS a downside to everything.
Just you wait "Ron Eggers!", Just you wait.
Just you wait "Ron Eggers!", Just you wait.

There's more to come!!!

Coming soon to thegrumble, something new, something, like so cool... Coming in 7 days. Stay turned in "Ron Eggers" to this Grumblers channel.

Just you wait "Ron Eggers!", Just you wait.

There's ALWAYS a grumblerside to everything.

It's all looking good. New look takes a while to get used to... not a problem.

I do find the list on the grumble has a blank line between titles because of the way the time and respondent is listed.... is there a way to keep it all on one line - easier to read, or at least more show up on the list at one time without scrolling...

just curious..


The advantage to 2 lines is that it tells you info about the last post.

I especially like the QUICK REPLY feature at the bottom of each thread. That will certainly cut down on bandwidth and time.
One change I'm noticing is in our signatures, which are specified in our profiles.

URL codes are still allowed (as in my FACTS link.) HTML codes are still not allowed. (You can't have a marquee signature or colored fonts, for example.)

The big change is that images in signature are no longer allowed.

I think this is a good thing. While some of the images were very discrete, some were gigantic and distracting.

I am going to miss Kit's kit, though.
I can turn that feature on if you want it. Let me know. Yea or Nea.

I tried to be as discrete as possible with graphics in the tag line, but I can see how it could easily be abused and slow down the folks with dialup modems.

I'd vote Nea.

I like the new format, feels more robust. Only thing that bothers me is that when go to read a thread it takes me to the last posted thread and I like to read them all starting from the begining.
If you go to the thread under the forums, it starts at the beginning unless you hit the #2. The home and end buttons on your key board always work great for getting you to the beginning or end. Enjoy!
I'd vote for no graphics in the signature.

Most were fine but, with some Grumblers, if you give 'em a couple of pixels, they use 1,000.
Is there anyway to be notified of posts to a thread that was started by someone else? I know it was not possible with the "old look". How about with the "new look".

This quick reply is really great. And I also like the new "Latest Posts All Forums" box.

I liked the pictures in the signatures, but I think the speed for "dial-up" people is more important.

Framer: can you stand another "Attaboy"!
One word : LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
Ooops 2 words. Great job to all who had anything to do with the new look (server). Thank You
Coming soon to thegrumble, something new, something, like so cool... Coming in 6 days. Stay turned in...

I'd vote no - Additional graphics in the signature aren't really necessary (although there were some cool ones!)