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Richard Norman

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Aug 21, 2006

My name is Richard, I live and work in France as an artist craftsman.

I am putting together a website dedicated to the use of composition gold leaf in framing and I wanted to know if anyone out there can suggest websites devoted to picture framing where I can advertise my wares through there website.

I am semi retired now and want to pass on all my tricks before I kick the bucket, I have a couple of gilding manuals I am working on which I am going to make available for free, of course my website will be "lightly" advertised in them but the content is real enough and will I hope be of interest to framers everywhere.

Thank you for your help.

Best Wishes

Richard Norman
First of all, welcome to the Grumble Richard!

Commercial posts are welcomed here, and we have a special forum dedicated for this purpose.

Some forums allow this, others do not. Here is a list of all the international framing forums that I am personally aware of: The Grumble, however, is the biggest and most active.

Once again, welcome! I hope that you'll stick around and share some of your experience with us.

Best regards

Co moderator/guide

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Welcome to the Grumble!! You will not find a more dedicated, opinionated, diverse, cross-section of framers and associated trades anywhere on the net than here!

I look forward to your sharing some of your gilding knowledge with us. You can put my name down right now to receive your manuals when you publish. I will gladly pay overseas postage for a new brick in my walk of education.

Welcome to Grumble Land.. It's great to have you here. We look forward learning all about you and what you do. Feel free to chime in at any time, you will find we are not such a bad lot and have been known to have some fun along the way... :D