New improved velcro corners

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
May 24, 2004
Last week I got a nice letter from Nielson.
You all probably got the same.

The letter explained how a "bad batch" of velcro had gotten out last year and here was the "new and improved" velcro corners to replace it.

NEW velcro.......

As I unrolled the small roll, the velcro corners fell off.

Did someone send me these as a joke?? :confused:

I tried to call the Nielson Marketing number that was on the letter and got someone who sounded like I woke them up. "I don't understand, do you want me to send you new samples?" no, I want you to go back to sleep, thank you.

I called Corp Headquarters but everyone was out to lunch. I left voice mail. I waited. I'm still waiting.

BTW, don't ever try to get the corner velcro off a Garrett Moulding sample. Blow torch comes to mind.

A line of wood mouldings closely linked to Nielsen (okay, you dragged it out of me - it was Nurre) used to ship samples with some off-brand hook material. I guess the Velcro patent must have expired.

The stuff stayed on the samples, but would not reliably stick to any known loop material. Nearly every morning I would come in to find piles of Nurre samples on the floor.

Sometimes they'd take a couple of other lines with 'em for the ride.
Speaking of velcro corner... I went into my shop on July 5. Numerous samples were on the floor, one even damaged a frame near by. Apparently they jumped ship (or my nieghbors had a 'explosive' Fourth?). One piece of velcro was stuck on the wall the other corners took their velcro with them when they bailed. It wasn't one piece letting go and taking others, it was several rows taking off for new digs.

After clean up and trying to repair the frame I went to the mat cutter. There was small chunk of ceiling plaster on it . . . hmmmmmmm
I see a Frankenthread coming. Oh well.

My . . . let's see . . . third location had apartments upstairs, which got rented by a music store across the street. They used them for drum and bass guitar lessons. (They didn't want to have the commotion in their own building.)

Sometimes the ceiling would shake so badly that the flood lights would rattle loose from their fixtures and crash down to the terrazzo floor. They were like little bombs.

So I moved into a single-story building and the dark, damp unusable basement got rented out to some guys that opened a dance club. Usually it was only open when I was closed, but sometimes they'd forget themselves and crank up the music during the day.

No point in calling them up, so I'd hoist a roll of kraft paper (24" first and 36" only if necessary) over my head and drop in on the floor over the speakers. Then it would be quiet for a few weeks.

Someone told me later that, when I did that, big chunks of plaster would fall out of the ceiling.

Rosalyn, check for drum lessons or a dance club in your building.
I remove the hook and loop and use the "L" brackets made for metal samples. (Larson carries them, I think) For wood saples I put a staple in all of them, just in case the Velcro lets loose.
Quote from Rosalyn:

After clean up and trying to repair the frame I went to the mat cutter. There was small chunk of ceiling plaster on it . . . hmmmmmmm

Beware of falling chunks of plaster!!

(Remember what happened to poor Omarosa.) :eek:


P.S. Ron started it!!
My samples jump ship, at least 2 a day. My problem is the dope that designed the framing sales counter put hallogen lights 6 inches away from the panels my samples hang on. The light heats the sample and glue holding the Velcro on. Then, poof. They land on the floor, come close to hitting me in the head, etc. Now they each get stapled before going on the wall. Nielsens get put into a drawer, with a few of each on the wall.
What I would like to know is why Nielsen insists on packing everything in a huge padded envelope, including these velcro chevrons. If you order a sheet of bumpers they will arrive in a huge padded envelope. Ditto for back plates, omni hangers, etc. I wonder if Esselte Corp. owns some padded envelope manufacturer.
I have heard of magnetic displays, using magnets instead of velcro although I have yet to see it in person. Sounds like a great idea specially when one falls and whacks ya on the head and God forbid it happen to a customer :eek: Anyone else heard of a magnetic display?
The newest line of Nielson's were the problem for us, and I suspect for a lot of other people, prompting the new velcro corners. Hardly a day would go by when a few of those things decided to commit suicide. Got the new corners (yes, and in padding--what *is* up with that?) and replaced them. So far so good.
I heard that the hardwood magnet doesn't work very well on ramin. Not even on top ramin.

Last I heard the aluminum magnets don't work that well on cherry or depressed mouldings

Seriously, if you aren't a Garrett Moulding customer, (best American hardwood mfg 800-645-3344) then use super glue on regular sew-on velcro. Duco cement works also. If you are a Garrett moulding customer, beg Lori to sell you some of their excellent velcro corners.

tell her I sent you
The simple secret at the supplier end of the Velcro chevrons is to seal the wood on all the molding samples . We lay all samples back side up and lay a cut out piece of cardboard with a 2.5” wide slot on top of the centre of the nested together mouldings. We then take a can of clear sealer or fixative and spray two good coats on the back. This seals the oil in the wood, and gives a clean surface that the velcro chevron adheres to. They stay on the mouldings and the mouldings stay on the wall. Simple, but adds a lot at the supplier level to ensure they work.

Take a look at the back of moulding with a 10 power jewelers loupe and you will see why the chevrons pull off the moulding samples. Unsealed wood if full of oil and pores larger than you think they are.

We head off this problem by shooting a staple into the wood through the velcro chevron. It seems to help prevent the shear effect from loosening the velcro. On metal samples I've tried a bead of silicone outlining the chevrons. It is messy, but works fairly well. I will try these new velcros and see how they compare.
:cool: Rick