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Mar 23, 2001
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Date: 7 Jan 2005
From: Douglas W. Nishimura <dwnpph [at] rit__edu>
Subject: Publication on water-damaged photographic prints

A little update from IPI. Another consumer guide is now available. This one is A Consumer Guide for the Recovery of Water-Damaged Traditional and Digital Prints. It is similar in design to A Consumer Guide to Traditional and Digital Print Stability. Both were projects supported by Creative Memories. The stability guide is available as a PDF file on our web site and the recovery guide should be available soon. Paper copies of both guides are also available from IPI for free.

In addition, the IPI web page has moved. The new URL is <URL:> There is currently a page at the previous site that will redirect you to the new site and that should remain up for then next few months (at least.)

Douglas Nishimura
Senior Research Scientist
Image Permanence Institute
Rochester Institute of Technology