New framing tip

Sorry Cliff, but that would be a VERY old framing tip. Same goes for new Hawaiian shirts....

of course, you only messed up the front.... so now you can take that "FINE" picture of you "ROUGHING IT" in the Adirondaks.....

and chop a mat out of the back....or the picture of you and Norm in the New Yankee Woodshop....

The wife is currently very tickled.. as we did the annual donation closet diving she found some of my old (XL) Reyen Spooner classics (Hawaiian shirts).... Now she gets her three carribean pictures framed and "properly" matted.
Baer, I think you are missing the point. I bet he is having lint problems.

Cliff, I will continue to be your interpreter as long as needed.......
Yep Kathy, thanks! apparently I'm typing in a foreign language today?!?
LOL!!! that's tooooo funny! LOL!!
Gee Cliff, I still think the mat is a great answer...

go ahead, you don't need the back anyway... just the front faces the customers..... :D
Here is another tip - you can mat with chenille but NEVER wear a chenille sweater whilst fitting! Worse than cat hair, chenille! Found that one out way the hard way!!!
I have been a long time advocate of framing nude (well with shoes and gloves of coarse).

Remember back a few years ago when everybody was wearing those tacky “Coed Naked (name a job or hobby here)” shirts? I would suggest that its time we got our own “Coed Naked…..” shirts but that’s a rather ironic item to sell when promoting nudity.

Carry on.
I'm beginning to think everyone is starting to inbibe a little on the early side this New Year's Eve!


Dave Makielski
How about some details?
Like what color shirt?
How heavy was it?
Did it drape nicely?
Was it plaid or solid?
Did you wear it tucked in or out?
Did you wear a vest over it?
Did it have snaps or buttons?

'Course you could always shop at the Goodwill, where the flannel shirts have been pre-delinted. JMHO...

edie the justwonderin' goddess
I solved that problem...I use Head & Shoulders on my chest.


Dave Makielski
I don't turn 30 until next year. So far my hair and skin stays firmly in place.
Originally posted by Jay H:
I have been a long time advocate of framing nude
Jay, might I suggest you NOT hang any racy pinup calendars above or near your chopper or saw!
:eek: Rick
I guess angora sweaters are pretty much out too....

all though, how about an angora screamer??? :D

Or one that just moans a bit....

sorry boys behaving badly over hear... :D